Here’s a press release from the Hallmark Channel: 


Genie Francis and Ted McGinley Reprise Their Roles

Hallmark Channel has greenlit production of the original movie “Taking a Chance on Love,” the sequel to the network’s highly rated 2007 original holiday movie, “The Note,” to begin in November in Toronto and to air on the network in January 2009. Genie Francis (“General Hospital”) and Ted McGinley (“Hope & Faith”) are attached to reprise their roles.

In “The Note,” newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder (Francis) took viewers on a journey of hope and inspiration as she traveled the country to find the intended recipient of an anonymous note found at the site of an airplane crash. As the story unfolds, Peyton finds moral support from her longtime colleague, King Danville (McGinley), with whom she shared a flirtatious-but-professional relationship. In “Taking a Chance on Love” Peyton investigates a reader’s letter which unfolds into a story of lost love and gives her insight into her own life and the risk one must take to fall in love again.

“Taking a Chance on Love” is a Hallmark Channel presentation in association with Lightworks Pictures (an Odyssey Networks company) and Muse Entertainment. The movie is executive produced by Joel S. Rice (“Shredderman Rules”) and William Spencer Reilly (“The Note”) and produced by Steve Solomos (“Nature of the Beast”). Maura Dunbar is executive in charge of production. Douglas Barr (“To Be Fat Like Me”) will direct from a script he wrote.

“The Note” was Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated original movie premiere in 2007 and continues to rank as the network’s fourth-highest-rated original movie premiere ever. The movie premiered on December 8, 2007 to a 3.4 HH rating and delivered over 2.8 million homes and over 5.2 million total viewers. The original movie became the highest-rated ad-supported cable telecast of the day, the second-highest-rated ad-supported cable movie of the week and won the Saturday, 9-11 p.m. time period. (Source: Nielsen Media Research, 11/24-12/9/07).

To support the premiere of “The Note,” Hallmark Channel launched, an outlet for viewers to submit their own personalized notes to family and friends. The movie was also supported by an extensive media campaign and online presence.

Hallmark Channel, owned and operated by Crown Media Holdings, Inc., is a 24-hour basic cable network that provides a diverse slate of high-quality entertainment programming to a national audience of 85 million subscribers. The top tier program service is distributed through more than 5,450 cable systems and communities as well as direct-to-home satellite services across the country. Hallmark Channel consistently ranks among the top 10 ad-supported cable networks in Prime Time and Total Day household ratings and is the nation’s leading network in providing quality family programming. Crown Media also operates a second 24-hour linear channel which plays the greatest family movies of all time, Hallmark Movie Channel, and launched Hallmark Movie Channel HD in April, 2008.

Now, just to be clear–I have read the script to this movie and I like it, but I had nothing to do with the story and will have nothing to do with the film.  Just so you’ll know.  But I did like the script.  🙂  And I hear the movie is supposed to air on January 29, 2009.  



  1. Lisa

    I can’t see the light blue either. I still need to see The Note. Every time it’s on I seem to miss it.

  2. Anonymous

    LADIES AND GENTS – HIGHLIGHT THE TEXT, IT WILL THEN BE READABLE! Angie, this is so exciting. I DO wish that they had acknowledged the fact that “The Note” was based on your book by the same name. BUT, those ratings are FABULOUS! (I’m in a capital mood today.) Happy Sunday! Clyde

  3. Mocha with Linda

    I have it sitting next to my chair but haven’t watched it yet. So glad it’s out!!

  4. jan

    i am looking forward to seeing the sequel.

  5. Anonymous

    Angie, even though you didn’t have anything to do with this sequel, it’s an honor to know your book was SO liked, that others continued with your base idea. You originated the masterpiece. I loved your book…loved their movie and sure look forward to this next one. Debbie Hopkins from Heavenly Daze

  6. Janice Thompson

    Hi Angie,

    I saw The Note tonight for the first time. Loved it! I didn’t make the connection that this was your story until the end of the movie. By the way, I was at ACFW a couple of months ago and you did a great job as keynote. We didn’t meet, but you might remember me because I did the opening night’s devotional and also won the Mentor of the Year award. Anyway, I’ll have to rush out and buy a copy of your book, now that I’ve seen the movie. What a great story!

  7. Kimberly

    I just checked the Hallmark Channel’s schedule. “Taking a Chance on Love” premiers on Saturday, January 31 at 9 pm ET. In case you still haven’t had the opportunity to see “The Note,” they are airing it at 7 pm just before the premier. 🙂

    Angela, I have heard that you are novelizing the story of the script. Is there any truth in that? When can we expect your book to come out?


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