A year or so ago I wrote a post about Chinese translations and now I see that it’s time for another.  But this time, a sign is worth a thousand words.  🙂  

My cousin (Hi, Bel!) sent me the following pictures.  The Chinese made a great effort to translate their signs into English for the Olympics, and my hat’s off to them. Honestly–because I’d hate to imagine how I’d translate Chinese.  
But these pictures are guaranteed to bring a smile.  Enjoy! 


  1. Karen

    A great way to start my day…with a smile.

  2. sara

    these were great! I had received a post before the olympics on chinese signs, but had not seen these. My family enjoyed the laugh this morning! Thx!

  3. Lena Nelson Dooley

    Angie, those are priceless. Thanks for the chuckles today.

  4. Lara Moore

    15 yrs ago, I was living in Japan with an American missionary family. We saw signs like this ALL the time! Thanks for the reminder, you can’t help but smile when reading them!

  5. Anonymous

    I just love wine, but not sure I want to share it with a Bear! Think I’ll remain stateside for now. Clyde

  6. Mike Ritter

    These were funny. Oh boy, makes me careful about using online translation tools for my stuff.


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