Want to know how to carve a pumpkin?  I found a really good how-to-carve-tutorial on the web.  Just click here.  

And let me know if your pumpkin looks like his!  🙂
Now–please forgive some more thoughts about politics.  I’ve honestly tried not to focus too much on the issue, but I can’t help speaking out when I feel strongly about something. 
I’m thinking about doing something different this year for trick or treat.  When the kids come to my house, I’ll look in their bags.  If they have been hard at work and collected more than 25 pieces of candy, I’ll tell them they owe me ten pieces so I can deliver them to all the kids who, for whatever reason, didn’t come out to gather goodies. 
And when they look at me like I’ve lost my marbles, I’ll tell them that’s Senator Obama’s idea of trick or treat.  
Will I really do it? Of course not, the trick or treaters are children, and I don’t expect them to know how government works. 
So how do I explain all those voters who should understand how the system works? 


  1. Mocha with Linda

    LOL – It’s really not that hard of a concept is it?

  2. Leslie


    I love it!

    I could rant, but I won’t take up more of your space 🙂

  3. Mike + Stacey Duncan

    I just got my copy of The Face in the mail yesterday, and I finished it last night! Amazing book! As always, you manage to keep me up way past my bedtime :). Oh! And when I read the part about the night-blooming cereus, I actually knew what it was thanks to your pictures on here! I can’t wait to get Dreamers in the mail next!

  4. Kay Day

    Great idea! I wish people would get a clue!!!

    I got my copy of The Face, too. But I am in the middle of a Dean Koontz and then I will read Rebecca for my book club, so I have to wait in eager expectation to read yours!

  5. Anonymous

    Angie, You might want to remind your readers that they should never, never put pumpkin seeds/pulp down the drain, with or without a disposal. Plumbers will tell you they get plenty of calls after Halloween. The pulp hardens and clogs up the drains and often freezes your disposal blades. Clean out your pumpkin over some newspaper, gather it up and put in garbage can.
    Patti G.

  6. Nicole

    Thank you, Angie. I appreciate that you’ve spoken out. Some authors wouldn’t want to risk losing readers. I admire your courage, and I pray for God’s mercy in this election to get McCain/Palin in office. God help us all.

  7. Angela

    Thanks, everybody, for the comments and the tips. I feel like I should hasten to add something–a lot of people are voting for Senator Obama because they believe in helping the poor and needy. I believe in those things, too, and I AM active in church programs that do just that–as well as doing things as an individual. I believe in reaching out to young pregnant girls and helping them with problem pregnancies, I believe in feeding the hungry and helping folks get a good education. What I DON’T believe is that it’s the government’s job to do these things. When government gets too big, it becomes bloated and corrupt (Anyone remember ANIMAL FARM?) Social justice, yes, but not through politics. Let’s be the body of Christ and love this world.

  8. Anonymous

    Your plan reminds me of an email I got from a friend in California a few days ago. It seems a mutual friend went into a popular local eatery, passing a homeless begger on the street in front of the place. The diner’s surly waiter was wearing an Obama tee-shirt. When payment time arrived, our friend told the waiter that to honor the political choice of his server, who had a job, he was going to give his tip to the guy outside, who needed it more than the waiter. And, so he did, leaving one man furious and the other bewildered. Happy Halloween!!! Clyde

  9. Anonymous

    We’ve had a progressive tax system and redistribution in this country for quite some time, no matter who’s been in office. Both candidates supported the bailout and will increase federal spending and the national debt. Bush expanded the government exponentially, raised the national debt, and chipped away at civil liberties. I’m not voting for Obama either, but I’m perplexed that people are still defending the Republican party as the party of smaller government.

  10. Cindy Swanson

    Angela, I sent you a cartoon of Facebook that fits perfectly with this post!

  11. jan

    thanks for speaking on such an important issue!

  12. Chris and Tiana

    Angie, I have a question for you. I’m a Christian, a fan of your books, and I tend to vote Democrat. You said you don’t think it’s the government’s job to provide things like education, feeding the hungry, etc. I have friends from church who are strong Christians and hard workers. The mom stays home with their 2 small kids and the dad works 12 hour days in a small business he owns. Their 2-year old has reflux and the dad has a pre-existing condition. They’ve been paying hundreds of dollars a month for private insurance that doesn’t pay for much of anything. They had $20,000 worth of medical bills last year, and they’re reasonably healthy people. They can no longer afford their health insurance. They’re not asking for a hand-out, they work hard and they’re willing to pay for their insurance, but they can’t afford it anymore. I’m a medical professional and I understand well that McCain’s health care plan will not help these precious people. I’m curious…if it’s not the government’s job to help provide for its citizens’ needs, whose job is it? Do we really want the church to have to focus its time and money on helping middle class people afford health care and improving public schools so lower income kids can get a decent and safe education? Shouldn’t the church focus on caring for people’s spiritual needs and spreading the Gospel? I’m not asking this to criticize your views- I’m genuinely curious about how you think our country should deal with these issues.

    As a side note, I’ve read most of your posts regarding politics, and I disagree with some of what you’ve said, and even more so with some of the comments posted by others. But that’s ok with me. I’ll continue to read your books because I think you’re a gifted writer, and more importantly, we serve the same Lord and I believe your books bring Him glory. We don’t have to agree on what the role of government should be 🙂

  13. Angela

    Dear Tiana:

    Thank you for your kind words about my books. I appreciate your generous spirit.

    As to your friends, first, I would check out McCain’s health plan from the source. There’s been a lot of misinformation spread about it.

    Second, I will freely admit that health care in this country has become crazy. Insurance is supposed to care for us in case of catastrophic injury, not routine checkups, but the system has become bloated. One of my doctor friends recently told me that if you walk in for an MRI and pay cash, the charge is $750. But if it’s billed to your insurance, the charge is $2500. Why the difference? Because someone has to pay for all those people who handle the claim, adjust the write-off for participating doctors, etc.

    That’s my point entirely–whenever more people become involved in a situation, the more it grows, and the more it costs. I know the progressive tax has existed in this country for years, but I wish we didn’t have it. I wish, if anything, we had a nice flat tax, equally levied upon everyone, with no deductions. But that would put a lot of politicians out of business.

    Yes, the church is supposed to spread the gospel, but Scripture tells us that it does no good to tell people Jesus loves them unless they are warmed and fed. And we are only stewards of the resources God gives us, so if we give freely, He restores and meets our needs. (Notice I didn’t way “wants”–I’m not into prosperity theology.)

    When we expect the government to meet all our needs, we look to government instead of God. People stop obeying charitable impulses because it’s easier to say, “Send him to the unemployment office.”

    Yes, we need to care for people. But bureaucracy is not the best way to do it.


  14. Chris and Tiana

    Thanks, Angie, for taking the time to respond. I feel a little bit giddy that you, one of my favorite authors, wrote to me personally 🙂 It seems that you’re a true conservative in your view of what government should be, and that’s fine. I think a lot of Christians like to use the line of how caring for the poor is solely the church’s responsibility as an excuse not to have to sacrifice to help others. Then they can write a $100 check to their favorite charity and feel like they’ve done their part, while leaving others to fend for themselves. I can see that this is not your view, and I appreciate your consistency of thought.

    I agree with you that the church should have a huge role in caring for the poor and helping to meet people’s physical needs, and I would not join a church that were not heavily involved in local and global outreach ministries. But I also feel that the government has a role to play as well. I have read McCain’s health care plan at length. Like I said, I’m a medical professional (and my husband is a physician), so I’m familiar with the mess our health care system is in. You and I have a different vision of how the government should be involved in sorting out that mess. But neither of our views of government are biblically mandated, so I’m not bothered by our differences if you’re not.

    Thanks again! And thank you for using the gifts God has given you to write!


  15. Angela

    Dear Tiana:

    I’m not bothered by our differences. 🙂 And I don’t believe that God is a Republican–or a Democrat.

    My views on abortion are strongly influenced by my Christian beliefs, but my views on taxation are influenced by my practical nature. 🙂

    I think we all know that no earthly system is going to be perfect. And at each election, we have to do the research and vote as we believe God and common sense would have us vote.

    I’m grateful that we live in a country where we can have open debate . . . and I pray that our freedoms will continue for a long time. But above all things, I know that God establishes governments and controls “kings.” And whatever happens next week, God will still be in control.

    Thank heaven for that assurance! 🙂



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