I don’t know who this young man is, but he’s got a pretty good handle on marital diplomacy. Wonder if he learned the hard way?  🙂   



  1. lynnrush

    Oh my gosh. I saw this in an email last month…I laughed ’til I cried. Oh I sure hope he didn’t learn it the “hard way.” That’s a scary thought. LOL

  2. sara

    that was soooo funny!! And the laugh I needed this morning (sending my daughter back to college today)

  3. Valerie

    That’s one of my favorites. He also has several other videos on YouTube, including “Cletus, Take the Reel” (a parody of “Jesus, Take the Wheel), which is pretty ridiculous. Funny stuff!

  4. Lisa

    That is so funny! I’m going to have to look up his other stuff.

  5. Smilingsal

    Good way to start the day–with a laugh.

  6. D & A

    I saw this about one month ago, very funny stuff. We really like his homeschool family song too.


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