Another fun video that you should let load before you click “play.”  From the people who brought you the mentos-and-coke experiments.  🙂  

Where is my pad of sticky notes? 


  1. Lisa

    That’s great! I’m pretty sure it gave my daughters some ideas. Oh boy, I’m in trouble:-)

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Wow. Pretty impressive. And that wasn’t exactly cheap – sticky notes are expensive!

  3. Margie Vawter

    I know it gave my son some ideas. LOL He watched it with me, then said, “Send me the link.” Wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of “game” show up at our church-owned camp one of these days! (Randy is the program director in the summer, general staff member the rest of the year.)

  4. Smilingsal

    (chuckles) I thought, “Oh, today’s too busy; I’ll skip this.” But, then, “Angie’s never let me down, so okay, I’ll try it.” Am I glad I did! Now, I’m smiling. Thank you.


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