Take a look at these amazing photos of Hurricane Ike and the resulting damage.  Sobering, isn’t it? 


  1. Kathy

    Haiti is devastated. Food almost non existent, thousands dead (most will never be in the official count because they washed out to sea), and most of the people with no hope, no way to rebuild. Our twins and their orphanage are safe and unharmed but one lady lost five of six kids because they were swept away from her while she evacuated on foot. Sad. There are too many stories like that.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Amazing pictures. Galveston is one of our favorite places.

    And Ike has really made our week more difficult as we need to bury our mom next to our dad in Houston and the cemetery is a mess and barely functioning. We’ll get her there, but I’m glad I know where she REALLY is!

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Oh and hope you’re having a great time at the conference. Isn’t this the one with giant Mall of America book signing?

  4. Kay Day

    That is just overwhelming. Thank God He’s bigger than any storm. It all looks so hopeless from our human perspective, but God is bigger.

    I still haven’t heard from a friend who lives in Houston, just 18 miles from Galveston.

    And the Haiti picture breaks my heart. I’ve been there. It’s a heart breaking place to begin with.

  5. sara

    Wow, those pictures are overwhelming. I have several good friends there that are still without power, so my 4 days without power don’t look so bad now!

  6. lynnrush

    Overwhelming is a great word to describe it, Sara. OMG. I just keep praying for all those affected. Oh goodness. Very sobering.

    Thanks for sharing these, Angela.


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