A couple of news items–first, I’ve been getting emails asking about the sequel to THE NOTE.  It’s coming, and so is the DVD (On Oct. 7th).  You can read details here.  

Kara and Margie–be sure to email me with your addresses so I can get your books in the mail! 

I read a column by Orson Scott Card the other day, and it struck me with the weight of truth. Card is a Mormon novelist–you may have read his now-classic “Ender’s Game,” which is a brilliant work of art, a blending of science fiction and morality tale.  Anyway, I read this particular column and immediately understood why the vocal political left in this country makes no sense to me. Their philosophies and intellectualism are only an inch-deep. 

I’ve been reading letters to the editor in my morning newspapers.  People can respond to a calm reporting of Governor Palin’s credentials or her history with ranting about how can’t afford to have Roe v. Wade overturned and Palin surely wants women who’ve had abortions to go to prison–and I’m left scratching my head.  Who said anything about prison?  Who said anything about overturning Roe v. Wade?  A president can’t do that.  Only the Congress can do that, and last time I checked, the Democrats were the ruling party in Congress.  
Joe Biden is going around saying that McCain “voted with Bush 90 percent of the time.”  What?  The President doesn’t vote.  If he intends to say that McCain voted for Republican-introduced bills, well, let’s see how many times the other candidate voted for those bills, too.  
On the other hand, there’s a Republican commercial airing that insinuates that Obama voted for sex education in kindergarten–and doesn’t explain the full context.  Why not stick to the full truth?  It speaks for itself. 
I freely admit that there’s truth-bending by both sides, and I’m sure it’s going to get worse as election day draws closer.  My fervent prayer is that people will use their brains to see through the twisted and illogical  statements.   
Be sure to read that piece by Orson Scott Card.  And read “Ender’s Game” if you haven’t already.  It’s wonderful. 


  1. Kay Day

    Very interesting article. And sobering.

    I’ve read several of his books, but not Ender’s Game yet. I read one that was a rendition of the Sleeping Beauty story and his books about Sarah, Rachel, and Rebecca are interesting.

  2. lynnrush

    It’s so sad how things get twisted and changed and, well, you get the drift.

    Thanks for this post. Let’s all pray for our candidates and the direction of the country in general.

    Have a great time in MLPS at the ACFW conference.

  3. Nicole

    Powerful, meaningful, insightful commentary. Brilliant. If only . . . they could see the truth in it.


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