If it’s Thursday, I’m on my way to Minneapolis for the ACFW conference, where I’m the keynote speaker (imagine that!).  I had some fun with this one–put together my first “Keynote” presentations (Keynote is the Mac version of Power Point), and I might have gotten a little carried away.  But it was great fun to go through old pictures and find images that illustrated my points. 

I found today’s blog picture in an old scrapbook.  The year was 1977, the first year I saw snow, the month was March, and the occasion was the blizzard that shut down northeastern Colorado.  My fellow singers and I were taken in by a family who lived on a farm when our cars got stuck in the snow–the Woods family.  They took in all fourteen of us and three snow plow drivers, so the 23 of us, total, huddled together for four days with no running water, no electricity, and very little food.  For this Florida girl, it was quite an adventure!  
Anyway, it was a life-altering event in a very unexpected way.  🙂  But you’d have to hear my speech to get all the details. 
I may or may not be blogging for the next couple of days, depending on if I have good internet access.  Will try to send conference updates, so stay tuned! 


  1. lynnrush

    Four days, no running water/electricity. Holy Moly. I’m from Minnesota, Colorado……and I’ve been through some storms, but holy moly!

    Have a great time at ACFW.

  2. Stephanie

    I believe you told the story when I heard you speak at First Baptist Richmond in May. I thoroughly enjoyed your visit with us and know you will be equally as delightful at your conference. Have FUN!


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