Some of you may belong to churches that routinely bless animals around October fourth, the date of the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Our church doesn’t do that, but my husband has a friend, and his wife owns an upscale pet boutique.  And you already know that I love animals. 🙂

Anyway, our friends invited my husband to come to their pet store and bless the animals this past Saturday.  Hubby thought the idea a little unusual, but I told him that St. Francis did it, so why couldn’t he?  Plus, what better way to tell people that God loves their animals . . . and them, too.  A lot of people won’t mind going to a pet store, but they won’t come to a church, and so . . . off he went, down to St. Petersburg. 
Hubby says he prayed over 75 dogs–and their owners.  I’m thrilled.  He did mention, however, that most of the dogs were of the three-pound variety, so I’m thinking that I should have grabbed one of my pups and taken them down there to show those folks what a REAL dog looks–and smells–like.  Hubby also came home with some lovely spray cologne that makes Babe smell like baby powder. It’s wonderful.  🙂
Here’s a video clip of hubby blessing the animals, Florida style.  Enjoy! 


  1. Patti G

    We have 3 cats. Couple years ago, one, we almost lost. As soon as I hung up the phone, I immediately e-mailed just about everyone in my address book and asked that they pray for my cat. Some thought it comical but many realized that God does give us these pets to love and care for. The cat also became the “witnessing” cat. When we found out she was better, I stood in the vet’s full waiting room and told her how I had asked everyone to pray for a miracle. She looked at me and said “Well, you got it.” I hope it caused at least one person to stop and think “what an awesome God to bless and heal one of His little creatures.” Over my computer is a little card with a picture of a tiny kitten and the words “God hears even the smallest voice” with the words of Jer. 29:12. I don’t know how but I do feel that in a very special way, God does communicate with animals. Everything we have is God’s including our three cats. With that note, please pray for a safe and uneventful move back to Florida with our three cats next Saturday/Sunday.

  2. Anonymous

    Having just moved to Texas from California with my two cats, I will certainly say a prayer for you, Patti. One of my cats is a singer the minute she is put in her carrier, so I anticipated three days of feline opera. Drugs and homeopathic treatments were of no use. However, we found on day 2 that she would quiet down for two things – car movement and Kenny Chesney! Take this under advisement, but Amy Grant may have the same effect!

    Loved the clip about Gary and the Blessing of the Animals. Our church does have this service and it has always been a highlight of the church year.


  3. Megan DiMaria

    How sweet. What a great outreach.

    A prisoner of hope,

  4. Lisa

    That is a great outreach idea, and I have certainly prayed over my dog before. It’s pretty neat that it even made the news.

  5. Lynette Sowell

    Wow, that’s really neat. I guess it’s too late for our church to do anything this year, but maybe next year. Excellent outreach! ~~ Lynette

  6. Leslie

    Off the bat, this does seem like a wacky idea; but then I’ve also seen how pets take care of their owners in times of crises and I have heard of some incidents of animals being affected by the enemy and prayer being what fixes the problem.. so I think this is a fantastic idea.


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