Just a quick note, because I am still in my jammies and there’s work to be done!  🙂  

Didn’t get home last night until one a.m., but what a great trip.  When ACFW was done and after I checked out of the hotel, my pals from college, Steve and Tammy Reitenour, picked me up for lunch.  I had reconnected with them and met Tammy’s sister, Trish (also an LU graduate), so we went for lunch and talked and talked and talked . . . while Steve kept asking the waitress for updates on the current football game.  🙂 
It’s such a great thing to reconnect with Christian friends–it’s like you’ve never been apart; you only need a little time to catch up on events that transpired in between.  We discovered that we had a lot in common (since Steve and I are about the same age), and Steve has become a lawyer who deals with intellectual property law, copyrights, and patents . . . good for a writer to know!  LOL! 
In any case, it was a wonderful afternoon.  I was reading Charles Martin’s latest book on the plane home, and the couple next to me was fascinated by my Kindle.  I had to stop and display all its features . . . . Amazon should pay me a commission.  🙂 
Well–a stack of mail is waiting, a few emails still need to be answered, and I’m sure there’s a mountain of clothing in the laundry room.  Groan.  And I haven’t even begun to unpack my suitcase . . . 
Have a great Monday!  Oh–and one of these pictures is from that Mall of America book signing.  It was wild! 


  1. lynnrush

    Welcome back. I’m glad you had fun. I heard wonderful things about the conferences and your speaking!

    Have a great Monday getting back into the swing of things.

  2. Pam Meyers

    Your keynote messages and the accompanying “Apple Keynote” videos were wonderful. It was great fun connecting with you again since the 07 Nangie class at CCWC.

    As soon as the conference ended yesterday I had a chance to put into practice what you advised about receiving compliments. Just say thank you very much. I always feel so awkward when someone compliments me about my signing. Yesterday I said, “thank you very much.” It was so freeing :-).

    Can’t wait to get the recordings of your talks to hear them again.

    See you next time our paths cross!

  3. Angela

    I tried to email you, Pam, but your email came back to me. In any case, I wanted you to know that your sign language was beautiful. I had a great seat where I could see you, and your beautiful signs really added to the worship experience. You are one talented lady!

    Such a pleasure to see you again. Hope to do it again soon!


  4. Patsy Clairmont


    I too find myself doing a “Vanna White” with my Kindle. I am having a ball with it. So great to travel with–portability is a dream.

    Congrats on a busy book signing. I usually have to send hubby outside to bribe walkers to come in. 😉

    I love reading about your diversified life and wide open heart.

    You sure you don’t need to move to MI?? I could use a good neighbor…besides you could shovel my driveway for exercise this winter. 😉 Think of it–hot cocoa and frost bit toes. What a tag team. Cmon up!

  5. Angela

    Frost-bit toes? LOL! I could use the exercise, but I think I’d invest in a pair of those cute little socks with knitted sleeves for each toe . . . 🙂

    Good to hear from you, Patsy! BTW, you would like that Charles Martin book. I’m going to blog about it in the next couple of days!


  6. Kay Day

    Steve looks familiar, and the name is, too. I will have to get out my year books. I think he must have been doing something there when I was there. Dean or teacher or something? Maybe grad school?

  7. sara

    okay…what is a kindle? I will have to go right now and google it!!!

  8. Lisa

    I want a Kindle too. Maybe I should ask for one for my birthday.

  9. Accidental Poet

    I don’t want a kindle, but I want to live on the same street as Angie and Patsy!

  10. Pam Meyers

    Thanks, Angie. I did switch emails and my new one may not be working with the one on the comment info. I’ll send it privately once I go back on the old PC laptop and get YOUR addy LOL. I now am the proud owner of a MacBook **grin**.

    I have a couple pics I want to send you, too, from the conference.


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