I was never taught this in school–as a matter of fact, I think I was twenty-three before I heard this and the light bulbs went on.   So on the off chance that some of you have never heard it–or haven’t thought of it in a while–let me point out the obvious. 

Point #1.  The United States is not a democracy.  It’s a democratic republic.  The people elect people who make their decisions in Washington. 
Point #2. Government has nothing it didn’t get from you. We give–either actively or passively–Washington everything from money to power. 
Point #3.  Government can GIVE nothing without taking it from someone else.  Government handouts? Tax breaks? All come at someone’s expense because of rule #2.  Even privileges–the president’s right to travel down the highway in a motorcade–comes at the expense of the drivers who have to sit and wait for him to pass by.  
Point #4.  (Recently overheard in the excellent video series “John Adams”): “The greater a government’s responsibility, the greater its authority.   If you ask the government to provide you with an education, health care, elder care, protection, highways, housing . . . you are giving it the right to control what you learn, how you’re cared for, how you age, etc.  If you ask everything of your government . . . it will take everything from you. 
Point #5. What does the Declaration of Independence declare? That “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Note that “happiness” is not a right, just the pursuit of it. 🙂 Also note that these rights are endowed by our CREATOR . God is seen as higher than government. Finally, notice that all men (people) are entitled to Life.  
As this election draws nearer, look at the political parties’ platforms and learn to see through the rhetoric–and it’s flying thick and fast from both parties.  Know that each campaign promise carries a barbed hook–eventually, it’s going to cost you.  The more you ask of government, the more you must give to it.  
And that’s it for my government primer.  🙂  And now, to send you on your way with a chuckle, take a look at this. 


  1. Megan DiMaria

    Thanks for the refresher course, Angie.

    I recently watch the John Adams series and loved it. It’s made me think differently about our government.

    A prisoner of hope,

  2. Jan Whitlow, ASPM

    Thankls Angie – I always appreciate your wisdom!

    In Him, Jan

  3. Jan Whitlow

    Angie, I always appreciate your wisdom. God Bless! Jan


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