My husband makes fun of me for liking country music.  But when the industry puts out songs like this one, how can you not want to stand up and cheer?  

I really don’t listen to the radio unless I’m in the car, and that’s not very often.  But the other day I was driving to the mall and this song came on . . . and I started crying so hard I almost had to pull over.  (And there’s not even a dog in the song!)  
No, I’m not wild about twangs and wailing steel guitars, but I don’t think any musical style celebrates the fun of life or the virtues of honest living better than country.  
Next time you’re out in the car, if you haven’t checked out your country station, give it a listen.  🙂
P.S.  If you get CTN, the Christian Television network, and the show “Homekeepers,” I *think* I’m on the show that airs today.  (Mom?  Aunt Irene?)  


  1. Patti Goldbach

    WOW – actually – wow. All caps means shouting – so hope all lower caps means whispering. That’s my comment – a whispered “wow.”

  2. robinlee

    Angie, I’m a huge country music fan. Love knowing you like it too. This Brooks & Dunn song, Believe won at least one of the big country music awards two years ago (it came out in 2005). A year ago, it was the ringtone on my cell phone. That’s how much I like it.


  3. Valerie

    I grew up in a rural Indiana community, and most of my friends listened to country. I was too cool for that–I was into pop/rock. But when I moved to Nashville (in part to be near the Christian music industry), I slowly became a fan. There’s something about an a genre that makes certain assumptions: that people love their families, that everyone believes in God and most everyone attends church, that the “good guys” ultimately win.

    I have had the opportunity to meet and even sing with several country artists, and I can attest that, with a few exceptions, they are the real deal. They are gracious folks who struggled to get where they are and appreciate every fan. Most of them have an abiding faith in God. (I’ve even met a few I would classify as “Spirit-filled believers”!)

    And while I still haven’t warmed up to the most twangy country voices (I am, after all, classically trained), and I still cringe at some of the most trite lyrics, country (along with Christian music, of course) is now my music of choice.

  4. Kay Day

    I like some country music, too. Even the old classics like George Jones.
    I think this song sums up what why we like it…

    Every time I listen to a good country song, it makes me wish I was wearing a cowboy hat and driving a pick up!

  5. Angela

    Well said, Valerie. And Kay, I love that video. Guy is rectangle glasses learns to love country . . .


  6. sheriboeyink

    Wow. I’ve never seen that video or heard that song. I’m just glad I’m at home and not driving like you were, Angela. Holy Moly!

    I’m not a country music fan either, but this song is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lynette Sowell

    Oh, I hear you, Angie! The first time I ever saw this video, I stopped what I was doing, sat down on the couch and bawled. Beautiful, beautiful song. Another wonderful song is the duet with Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton, “When I Get Where I’m Goin’.” I’m not a fan of Dolly’s music, but that song, I love it. 🙂

    HEY! Anybody going to ACFW next week???? Wheee, Mall of America, here we come!!

  8. Julie Carobini

    I love Country too. I’ve seen Brad Paisley, Wynona, Terri Clark and, yes, Lonestar all at the county fair near here (had to navigate the mosh pit with Teen Daughter several times, lol.) My first book was about a laid back beach chick who was also a Country music fan, and my editor kept asking, “Are you sure about this???” Haha…

  9. geen vrijheid

    I’m just wondering about your thoughts on Brook & Dunn’s “Put a Girl in It” video?


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