Breaking news!  I have just received–and read–the script for the Hallmark movie that will be a sequel to the Note.  It’s scheduled to premier on January 31, 2009, starring Genie Francis and Ted McGinley again. 

I love the script.  It made me cry (no surprise), and I think it’s going to be a great film.  I was actually glad to see Ted McGinley voted off “Dancing with the Stars” this week because I knew he needed to soon be on set to film this movie!  🙂
On another blog, I found this quote from Ted:  Next, Ted will be filming a Hallmark Channel movie, The Note 2, in Toronto, with actress Genie Francis. “The Note 1 was the highest rated Hallmark movie ever so now we’re doing the sequel. I’m going to start the beginning of November.” 

I’ll let you know more details as I hear them . . . 

The following is a fun web site–but I think it’s going to be more fun in the next twenty years.  🙂    A man takes daily pictures of himself–for seventeen years so far–and then compresses them into one short video, so you can see him age before your eyes.  To snappy music, no less.  

Note:  the film tends to be jittery, so after it starts, pause it and let the entire thing load before you press the play button again.  Then sit back and watch for formation of a bald spot . . . 🙂  
Very creative, very consistent.  But I wouldn’t have the nerve to do it!  Watch the transformation here. 


  1. Pam Meyers

    LOL, I never knew a guy changed their hair so many times. Maybe he just visits the barber less often than most.

  2. Leslie

    Pam that was what I was going to say!! Well actually I was going to say “And they say women change their hairstyle often?” LOL

    What I thought was funny… just as I was starting to wonder if the guy ever smiles is when he did the “scary” face. I laughed out loud at that one.

  3. Kay Day

    That’s pretty cool. Glad I didn’t do the same thing!

    My son does his hair like that – he’s only ten. But he likes to let it grow out and then I finally get tired of it and get it cut really short and he starts all over again.

  4. lynnrush

    Wow, that was funny! I think I’m really the true definition of a plain Jane, I never change my hair style. I think I’d be pretty boring to do this experiment with. Holy Moly.

    Hey, congrats on the Hallmark movie. How amazing.

    God bless!

  5. jan

    i am so excited about the sequel to the note! that was a happy surprise! will you get credit for it as well? i hope so! can’t wait to see it!

  6. Smilingsal

    I’m happy for you. I was not happy to see Ted McGinley voted off “Dancing with the Stars.” I really like him, and he looked as if he’d be one of those to really improve with the coming weeks. However, they have some almost professional dancers trying out this time around.

    I’ll pass on watching the guy bald; I already saw that with my son!


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