Hi, everybody: 

The ACFW conference has been lovely–pretty restful for me, actually, as I’ve only had to speak three times, teach once (with Terri Blackstock), and be “interviewed” once in Jim Bell’s class.  Yesterday we had the mass book signing at the Mall of America, and that was a blast–though noisy.  🙂  You had to shout to be heard across the table. 
I met some friends I’d never seen before–Mimi from the Heavenly Daze group, several writer friends I’d only known through e-mail, and several reader friends.  I was delighted to look up and discover Steve and Tammy, two friends from college.  We’re having lunch together today before I head to the airport.  
This is a lovely conference.  Last night was the annual awards banquet, and I was thrilled to accept a “Book of the Year” award for my friend Gayle Roper, who won in the short contemporary suspense category.  After accepting the award, I promptly ran out of the meeting and ran to call Gayle.  🙂  
Well, I’d better go splash some water on this sleepy face and get ready to face the final day.  I created a little video montage to go along with my last speech, and I have to be awake enough to know when to advance to the next power point slide! 
Have a blessed Sunday! 


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Angie – totally unrelated to today’s post, I thought you’d be interested to know (if you didn’t know already) that we can now order “The Note” through Netflix. Hope all went well with your last speech today! Clyde

  2. Leslie

    It was so wonderful actually getting to hear you speak at the conference. I’m glad that you had as wonderful time as it sounds like the rest of us did.

  3. kathy

    Sounds fun.

    HOpe you had a lot of people show up for the signing. Nothing like sitting there watching people go by.

  4. Courtney Walsh

    I loved getting to hear you speak as well. It was such an enlightening time, and I am so glad I had a chance to meet you! 🙂 Hope you rest well – even I’m exhausted and I was merely a student at the conference. Thanks again!

  5. Lynette Sowell

    Oh, I loved your Sunday message. Both encouraging and exhorting, and I’m sure there were more than a few sore toes in the crowd. I think I need to go find my copy of Mere Christianity on the bookshelf somewhere…

    The book signing was amazing. We had a lot of traffic where I sat. Many enthusiastic people. I sure wished I could have seen the big screen displays and watched the interviews.


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