I’m trying something new this morning. I ordered a copy of MacSpeech dictate, a dictation program that allows you to speak into a headset and watch your words appear on the screen or in the document. I promise, this is exactly how the program responded after about 10 minutes of training. It can’t quite seem to figure out how to spell my name, but I think it’s doing a pretty good job.

Did you read the story about the little Chinese girl who was not allowed to appear at the opening ceremonies even though she actually sang the song to honor the motherland? Chinese officials thought she wasn’t attractive enough, so they had another little girl lips sink and smile for the camera. What sort of message does this send to children? At six, they are not pretty enough? That’s so sad.
(MacSpeech needs to learn how to spell lip-synch — oh my, you got it right this time!)
My husband and I are enjoying connecting with old friends on face book. Amazing, how connected the Internet has made us. My husband doesn’t even know how to turn the computer on, but he’s enjoying the face spoke experience.
I’m working hard on the work in progress, and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Can’t wait.
MacSpeech has done pretty well. I’m impressed.
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  1. Kay Day

    LOL! That’s a pretty cool program! My guess is that it wouldn’t have much trouble with my name. Maybe.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    That’s cool, but I know I would hate it. I stumble around too much to dictate my thoughts. I need the delete and backspace keys!!

    That story about the little Chinese girl made me furious. And heartbroken for that little girl. She was plenty cute. Sad commentary on China’s quest for presenting the Perfect Olympics. And I know our American emphasis on looks is just as bad.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought the little singer was absolutely adorable! I guess I’m a sucker for chubby little faces with crooked-teeth smiles! And how poignant was her comment that it was an honor just to be asked to sing! What an unforgettably tragic burden this action has put on both these little girls. Clyde

  4. Momstheword

    I worked in a doctor’s office transcribing dictation. One doctor bought that sort of software which would type as he was talking. It was wonderful until it typed that a patient was allergic to Jews, not juice!

  5. Smilingsal

    Our husbands should meet; they have much in common.


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