An article in the August 27th newspaper cracked me up.  Dateline: Rome. Headline:  Priest Scraps Nuns’ Beauty Contest. 

Apparently the Rev. Antonio Rungi wanted to convince people that not all nuns were old and dour. So he planned a beauty pageant for nuns, wanting to call it “Miss Sister 2008.”  The contest was supposed to begin in September on a blog run by the priest, who is a teacher in Naples. 
LOL!  That is unbelievable.  To my way of understanding, nuns take vows of humility and poverty, and they devote their lives to working on the inner beauties of obedience, submission, and piety.  And while there is a certain grace and beauty to a woman at peace with herself and God, asking nuns to compete in a contest designed to compare physical beauty is like–well, it’s like asking Mothers Against Drunk Driving to campaign for their favorite vodka. 
There are great ideas, so-so ideas, and bad ideas.  This was one very bad idea . . . but it’s good for a giggle. 
P.S.  I just found a web site that is giving away a preview copy of THE FACE (I don’t even have one.)  If you’re interested, check it out here.  


  1. Leslie

    The picture you found is even more funny!


  2. sara

    I had to take a double take on the photo to realize those were stools….very funny!!

  3. Lisa

    That picture is hilarious.

  4. sheriboeyink

    Wow, I think I sprained my eyes doing a double take. Holy Moly.

    Great post.

  5. Smilingsal

    Hey Angie,

    On that ARC of The Face: I’m the Sally that the web site (Mindy) is thanking; it’s the copy I read and reviewed and then gave to her! Sorry I didn’t think of giving it away like she did!

  6. Angela

    Really, Sally? LOL. That’s okay. That book will be much passed-around!



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