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Seems like we’ve gone a while without a new release, right?  I’ve had my head down, working furiously on the WIP, and while I’ve been busy, other books have been lining up and preparing for their grand entrances.  There are now four, FOUR new releases available for pre-order on, if you want to receive them hot off the press.  

Small scene from The NoteComing in October! The DVD edition of The Note, starring Genie Francis. Order the DVD here!

From the novel by Angela Hunt, The Note first aired on the Hallmark Channel in December 2007. Now this stirring movie is available for you to own for your own enjoyment. The DVD contains the movie, plus feature interviews with Genie Francis and Angela Hunt. In the interview, Angela explains the meaning behind the novel’s allegorical symbols. You won’t want to miss this one! 

Order the novel here!



The Face by Angela HuntComing in November 2008: The Face. From Mira.

Available for preorder!

Born to parents who died shortly after her birth, twenty-year-old genius Sarah Sims has been hidden in a secure CIA facility where she works to help her handlers achieve their goals. Yet her days of anonymity are limited because her aunt has discovered her existence and is determined to lead Sarah out of exile. But before she can leave the only world she’s ever known, Sarah needs what most people take for granted . . . a functioning face and the skills to use it. Will she remain in her secluded fortress or summon the courage to follow her heart?

The Face is an amazing book. Impeccably researched, tenderly written, it is a fascinating character study wed to a compelling thriller. Angela Hunt always delivers something special, but this book is beyond special. It’s simply wonderful.” –Kathryn Mackel, author of Vanished

In The Face, Angela Hunt has crafted an extraordinary tale that’s impossible to put down! The meticulously researched story line could have been lifted from today’s futuristic, high-tech headlines, and the undercurrent of international espionage will keep you turning pages. But long after you’ve finished The Face, you’ll be thinking—not only about the characters Hunt brings to life so skillfully, but the questions the story raises and the truths it underlines. The Face speaks profoundly to our inherent need for love and acceptance, as well as to the value we place on physical beauty. With each succeeding book—thanks to her masterful storytelling and thought-provoking plots– Angela Hunt’s stock as a contemporary writer of real importance continues to rise. —Cindy Swanson, radio personality and online book reviewer


Dreamers-SH-webComing in December 2008: Dreamers, the first of a trilogy about Joseph in ancient Egypt. From Steeple Hill. Available for preorder! 

Brothers, the second book, will follow in February 2009 and

Journey, the third and final book, will follow in April 2009.

SIABP-webComing in Spring 2009–She’s in a Better Place, the final installment of the Fairlawn series. From Tyndale House.

Pre order this book now!

 In the third book of the Fairlawn series, Jennifer Graham is now running the Fairlawn Funeral Home. Her work takes on a new dimension when Gerald Huffman, her assistant and mentor, reveals that he has a serious illness. When she learns that he and his daughter haven’t spoken in years, Jen decides to help them reconcile . . . but things don’t go exactly as she planned. Once again, the mortuary is a setting for lessons of laughter, love, and life.

That’s it for now!  Head back down, nose to the grindstone . . . 



  1. Ruth

    I’m so happy the Legacies of the Ancient River series are coming back in print! Those are some of my favorite novels!

  2. Leslie

    It only took me a second to decide to pre-order Dreamers! I loved Shadow Women, so I think I’ll enjoy your other Biblical fiction.

  3. Angie in Arkansas

    Hi. I pre-ordered the dvd!
    I think I shared this in an email to you; but, this movie introduced me to you, even though I do not have the Hallmark channel…
    My best friend in Georgia called and said that after seeing this she went to the bookstore and bought everything they had by you.
    On her recommendation, I began reading your books and have not stopped.

    I recently ordered the first two of the Fairlawn series in Kindle edition. I guess I have bought most of the Kindle editions offered.

  4. Accidental Poet

    YAY, Dreamers! Man, I cannot WAIT till Christmas morning …

  5. Megan DiMaria

    Wow, Angie. You’re the energizer bunny of Christian fiction. You go, girl!

    A prisoner of hope,


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