If you doubt it, watch this demonstration in which international experiments prove that cell phones can emit powerful waves. 

Trust me, it’s more entertaining than you might think.  (It’s also a hoax, we now know.)  🙂
What are you doing over the holiday weekend?  Now that my deadline is met, I’ve been trying to clean off my bookshelves.  Not an easy task . . . 


  1. Mocha with Linda

    That’s grim.

    I’m spending my weekend back and forth at the hospital with my 81 year old mother. Not sure if this one will be “it” or not, although Wednesday sure looked like it. She’s getting frailer and frailer.

    Oh, and getting all the last school supplies now that the kids have been to their classes and seen what each teacher wants.

    I’ve missed having time to come chat the past few days. I was determined to do so today!

  2. Patsy Clairmont

    Oh my…is this what our brains do? No wonder I’m ditzy.

    You are such fun!! Much love to you. Hope to chat with you soon.

  3. sara

    That is a bit scary!!

  4. Angela

    So sorry to hear about your mom’s illness, Linda–I’m sure this is a stressful time, so I pray the Lord will give you comfort and grace.

    Thanks for dropping by, Patsy! 🙂

    And Sara–I know. I think I’ll start using the speakphone button on my cellphone!


  5. Lisa

    Yikes! That’s kind of scary, but it looks like a fun experiment. So, did you try it?
    This weekend my girls had their first soccer games, and tomorrow I get to spend the day shopping at my favorite store, IKEA, with a good friend. My husband has to work every day, so Monday the girls and I will hang by the pool.
    Have a good weekend, and I hope you get your bookshelves just like you want them.

  6. Susan R.

    Looks like we’re getting ready for a hurricane in my area, though right now MS may dodge the bullet. Before Katrina I wouldn’t have paid much attention, since I live over 200 miles inland. Post-Katrina, after seeing the damage done here, not to mention the devastation on the Coast, we’re all paying attention.

  7. cybernana

    If you go to urban legends online and check this story out, you will find it was an “advertising” scheme. This video is not true:-)


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