Today’s photo:  a tarsier. 

Mocha with Linda sent me this link, which contains an update to the Christian the Lion story.  I don’t know why even reading this news story makes me cry like a baby.  Randy Alcorn says it’s because the relationship between Christian and those young men is the relationship we’ll have with animals on the new earth–maybe our hearts sense that this is the way it’s supposed to be. 

Last night I was watching Animal Cops and there was a story about a man who adopted a shelter dog and then trained the animal to be a therapy dog–you know, one of those dogs who has good manners and can visit hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  Anyway, the camera showed this sweet dog, so eager to please, visiting with an elderly woman.  Without being told, the dog placed his paw in her lap and instead of smiling (his usual expression), he simply looked at her with this sweet and sympathetic expression on his face . . . I lost it.  Good thing I have a box of tissues by my bed.  
I am fascinated by the relationship between man and beast.  God gave us dominion over the animals and we lived together in harmony until the Fall, then God killed some animals to clothe Adam and Eve.  A picture of the sacrifice of Christ–and a picture of the many millions of sacrifices animals would make for man in the years to come. They serve us, they feed us, they keep us company . . . and they suffer in silence. 
I think that’s what moves me most.  
Want still more details on Christian the lion?  Read a good article (and see adorable pictures) here.  


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Awww, loved the article! The part about stopping for his bathroom break cracked me up! Such a sweet story.

  2. Lisa

    That’s really a great story. Makes me tear up every time I see that video.

  3. Tina

    I just love this story. I do hpoe it will be like that in heaven. I have met people who don’t believe our pets will be in heaven, but I do hope they are! Either way, the Bible does mention animals in heaven!

  4. Nicole

    Christian the lion thing had me sobbing and crying out loud. Too beautiful. Yes, heavenly, I think.

    I’m tearing up writing about it.

  5. wwagent

    Christian the Lion! What a story? Unbelievable! After watching this story I started searching in the web for more on “Christian the Lion” and was lucky enough to watch many video clips on Youtube about this heartwarming story. I even found a online store dedicated to Christian the Lion ( and managed to purchase online a hardcover book on the story, the video and a superb framed poster on Christian the Lion. (The Framed Picture is a centerpiece in my study now!). Thanks once again for the story!


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