So I’m here in Florida, attending the International Christian Retail Show for retailers . . . and seeing a lot of old friends.  Attended the Christy banquet on Saturday night. Didn’t win, but didn’t expect to, so that’s okay.  🙂  I’ve attached some photos of some folks you may know.  

Last night we went to Epcot for the Tyndale author dinner.  After dinner we were treated to a performance by some amazing Chinese acrobats and then to the fireworks display at Disney–pretty amazing.  A great way to end the convention.  
P.S.  That’s Jerry J with the coin purse on his nose.  I did it first, but he looks better in his.  🙂 
Enjoy the photos! 


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Angie – sorry about the Christy award, but know there will be others. Looks like a wonderful group of people. So much talent under one roof must have been inspiring, and it was good to see Nancy’s face among them. I still think that you should make a coffee table book with some of your photos. You do have an eye for artistic shots! (the fireworks, not Mr. J!) Clyde

    P.S. Have received all the Nicki Holland books and am having such fun reading them. Feel like a kid again. Will give them to my grand-daughter when I get to Texas. She’s away for the summer anyway.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    THERE’S Nancy! Having a blast!

    I was totally bummed about the Christy award. A friend was texting me on my trip and finally found the results Monday and let me know.


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