By the time this is posted, Lord willing, I will be home again and doing laundry.  🙂  It’s always fun to be with my writer friends who have the same concerns, joys, and challenges, but it’s also nice to come home and slide back into the real world. 

At this moment, however, I am sitting in the lobby of a hotel, next to a very noisy waterfall–no kidding, I think I’d have to yell if someone sat next to me.  But I have checked out of my room, so I have no place to go but this comfy chair.  Thank heaven they have wireless internet. 

My cousin, who loves animals as much as I do, sent me some photos of unusual animals.  I’m going to be sharing some of them in the days ahead, just to remind you of how gloriously creative God is.  🙂  This particular creature is called, appropriately enough, a blobfish. 


  1. Kathryn Mackel

    So writing has finally reduced us to a mass of protoplasmic blubber? Oh no, wait. YESTERDAY are the novelists. Today is…I shudder to think. The Lord at His glorious, humorous best.

    Then again…we could say the same thing about us novelists, eh?

  2. Suzanne

    Blobfish? He’s adorable, looks like a grumpy old man! I can’t wait to see more pictures. God surely does have a sense of humor!

  3. Smilingsal

    Okay, so now I know NOT to order Blobfish from any menu!

  4. Leslie

    That’s a real animal. Eck.

  5. Lisa

    Ew! I can’t say he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He does kind of look like a grumpy, old man, Suzanne.


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