If this is Thursday–and I hope it is–I’m leaving this morning for Missouri and the conference for young writers.  It’s fitting, then, that my friend Lynda sent the following video for our viewing pleasure. 

That’ll be five dollars, please.  🙂 


  1. Mocha with Linda

    That is hilarious. Have a good trip, and I hope you have a lot of small bills in your wallet!

  2. Angela

    Thanks for sharing the laugh! I am a first time commenter, and I really enjoy your blog (and your books, of course).

  3. Lisa

    Lol! That is so funny.

  4. Kay Day

    that’s hysterical. I haven’t flown in a while, but even then…

    I remember hot towels. Hot lemon scented towels to freshen up as you approached the airport.

    Have fun at the conference. It looks like fun!

  5. Lynda

    Angie, just got off a flight from Chicago. As they went through the safety instructions, I kept seeing this video in my mind. They probably wondered why I was chuckling!


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