I seem to be on a dog video jag here . . . 

My cousin sent me this video of a dog and a crying baby–and I love how the baby stops crying once the dog starts!  🙂  Tee hee.  So cute, and it only lasts about a minute, so enjoy! 
~~Angie, back at work


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Pretty funny! Although I DO think the baby is much cuter than the dog.

    And I kept wanting to say “Put down the camera and pick up that poor baby!” LOL

  2. Anonymous

    I hear music in the background … maybe the dog is singing to entertain the baby and make her forget her mighty sadness? Clyde

  3. Lisa

    Aw! She’s going to grow up loving her dog.

  4. Angela

    LOL! I just realized the song in the background is “Baby Love.” 🙂


  5. Smilingsal

    That’s how sweet dogs are; this dog realizes that the baby is in distress and that he is helpless. He’s calling the HUMAN to get over there and HELP!


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