My cousin, also an animal nut, sent me this video.  I watched it three times and just sat here bawling each time.  So grab a tissue and get ready to enjoy a short and sweet video.  To see it, click here.  

And don’t laugh at the funny haircuts.  🙂
~~Angie, still sniffling


  1. Anonymous

    What an incredible video! I am astounded and tear-filled! Clyde

  2. Kay Day

    I’m sitting here in Panera trying to look like I’m not crying! I should have waited until I got home…

  3. Lisa

    I’m sniffing here myself. That is so amazing!

  4. Tami

    Oh my, Angela, this is awesome! I’m such an avid animal lover; I cry everytime I watch this. This is such a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Momstheword

    I think I had heard about that before but never saw the video! Made my eyes leak.


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