After church this morning, I have to get back to work!  I’ve been away from the WIP for more than a week, but it’s time to dive back into my trial-in-progress and get back to solving Briley’s problem.  🙂   

Before I do that, though, I have to sketch out a couple of proposals for future WIPs.   After I hand in this book, I am officially unemployed.  
Some of you may have discovered that “Doesn’t She Look Natural?” is hard to find.  All of the online book stores show it as out of print, and in Orlando some retailers told me that they haven’t been able to order the book.   I do believe the publisher is working on the problem (something to do with the new ISBN), but in the meantime I have placed several copies for sale on as an independent seller.  (I tried listing it on my own web site, but I’m using a new program and am having trouble formatting the HTML code.) 
But never fear–if you’ve been looking for the book, we are working on the situation. 
Today’s marvelous animal:  the aye-aye.  No kidding!  🙂


  1. Lisa

    As in, “aye, aye matey” (add an argh in there for good measure.
    The library has SAWR, but it is hard to find in the stores.
    I will tell you that the behind the scenes look at an author’s life, makes me realize I should be buying your books so you can eat. That’s important. Problem is we like to eat too, so I either have to wait until we have the extra money to buy the book, or give in to the temptation and go to the library. Either way, loved it!

  2. Angela

    Thanks, Lisa. And, for the record, I love libraries because I know they introduce me to new readers–and for that I’m eternally grateful!

    Yet every week Lori and I get letters begging for more of the Heavenly Daze books–yet I’d bet most of those folks got their books from the library or from someplace like When there are two authors, they are basically writing for half their usual fee, and if the books don’t sell, the books can’t continue. The publisher has to make a profit and the authors have to pay their share of the mortgage.

    Lots of people assume that authors are rich, but unless that author is selling millions of books, they’re not. And some books–DON’T BET AGAINST ME, for instance, which was on the NYT best seller list–are set up so that all the royalties go to a charity.

    So while we are grateful for libraries and for people who say, “Borrow this book–I think you’ll enjoy this author,” we also appreciate readers who buy books. You’re helping to keep that writer employed. 🙂


  3. Smilingsal

    Those who are searching for Doesn’t She Look Natural should try eBay. I sold mine there months. I read too much to keep books; my home would be engulfed, and I’ve had some bad experiences loaning books, so I ebay-it.
    As for dual authorship, I vote against it. You are too good on your own. I’ve ready twenty, going on twenty-one of your novels, so I speak as an expert!

  4. Dazer Linda G

    The first time I read DSLN I got it from the library. Since we have decided to discuss it at the Heavenly Daze Reunion in October I decided that I need to have my own copy. Guess I’ll look for one of your copies on Amazon.


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