My cousin sent me this video–LOL!  I wonder what these cats are thinking? 



  1. Lisa

    That’s so funny! I like how the one cat kept just his front paws going as if to say “I won’t give up,” and then the other cat just walks away.

  2. Kay Day

    How funny! Yes, I do wonder what they were thinking!

  3. Anonymous

    Well, their respective tails were pretty fluffy, so I have a feeling that their thoughts were bordering on unprintable!!!

    Thx for the laugh! Clyde, a humongous (sp?) cat-lover!

  4. Dazer Linda G

    As a cat lover and owner, it really bothered to hear the owners of these cats laughing as they were speeding up the treadmill.

    Cats love their people and want to imitate them. We had one cat who could not open a door the way cats usually do, putting her paw between the door and the molding. Fluffy always tried to stetch and reach the doorknob because that is how she saw us open the bathroom door.


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