I received the sweetest letter from a reader yesterday.  I won’t share all of it, but I love what she said about reading even though she didn’t think this book would be her cup of tea . . . 
Dear Angie: 
A few months ago I was standing in front of the library bookshelf and felt a surge of excitment when I spied a new spine with the “Hunt” name. How did one appear without me waiting, expecting and even warning the librarians that it would be in print soon?  I didn’t even fill out the usual little form requesting they buy it for the library (uh..me) asap!  Then I looked at the cover ofDoesn’t She Look Natural? and thought, “What?”  I was put off by the cover…the name…the subject matter. I took a deep breath and repeated in a whisper, “Expect the unexpected” and took it home to read.  Well, you know I loved it.  In fact, by the last chapter I was calling my best freind and saying, “You know…maybe one day you and I should run a mortuary. I think I’d be good at it…” ha! 
So when I saw She Always Wore Red on the new-books shelf, I was thrilled.  Life has been quite stressful and full the last week or so and I was especially happy to have a good read to get me through.  I could easily detatch from reality in the pages of your book: as with all your books, it delivered a good story.  About half way through, though, I went from thinking it a “good read” to thinking it an “important read”.  Wow. I am always so amazed at how skillfully you weave a story around deep thoughts…or, maybe, weave deep thoughts around a story . . . 
That sort of letter keeps me going.  🙂


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Ditto what she said. (Except I wasn’t hesitant about DSLN!) Love her last sentence.

    And I love that she took the time to let you know and bless your day as you blessed hers. How important it is to express words of encouragement and affirmation rather than just thinking them.

  2. Lisa

    Many times your books have also been my “escape” during an especially trying time. And the thing is almost ALWAYS God speaks to my situation in some way through that book. Thanks for what you do! And with the week I have coming up, I better go get SAWR today!!

  3. Smilingsal

    She spoke for many of us; in fact, because she so ably put MY thoughts down on paper, perhaps she should consider writing!
    I will add that in Red, lessons are taught that I needed to learn.


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