Know someone who loves to write? 

I am excited to announce that Bill Myers and I will be teaching at a Young Writer’s Conference in Columbia, Missouri on July 25-26.  You can find details about this event, including a registration page, here.  

This two-day conference is open to anyone interested in writing from grades four and up–including adults.  So if you are within traveling distance of Columbia, Missouri, please check this out.  (Fly-ins should fly into St. Louis and plan on a 90-minute drive).  
Bill and I used to do young writer’s conferences all across the country, so it’s nice to see that someone else has stepped up to do the hard work of sponsoring this event. We’d love to see you and your young writer in Columbia! 


  1. Kay Day

    I could be there in eleven hours.
    We drove to MO once already this summer… not sure I’m ready to do it again.

    I’m going to talk to my daughter, though. And my sister who lives in MO. It sounds like a great opportunity for her, even though she’s, for the most part, a grown up.

  2. Accidental Poet

    COOL!!!! Just a hair too far for us, though 🙂

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Sigh. I bet my almost-13-year-old girl would love this. Wish it were closer.

  4. Julie Carobini

    About 15ish years ago, I very nervously asked Bill Myers to speak at a writer’s day that I directed in Ventura, and he agreed. He did such a terrific job for us. You too are a marvelous teacher (LOVE the plot skeleton, for ex. :). You two together? Sounds like an amazing time!


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