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Had a wonderful time at the Southern Christian Writer’s Conference–Gil Morris is 79 and has written a book a month for the last many years!  His productivity boggles my mind.  (HT to J’ni Spann for the photo of me ‘n Gil at lunch.)  
Gil has a great line about writer’s block.  Like me, he doesn’t believe in it.  He says, “Have you ever heard of a plumber having plumber’s block?” 
LOL!  That dear man is a laugh a minute.  I’m putting up a picture he sent me once–and don’t ask why he’s standing in a lake.  I have no idea. 


  1. Mocha with Linda

    It made me smile to see your newsletter in my inbox this morning! Can’t wait for November!

    I’ve enjoyed lots of Gilbert Morris’ books. A book a month? That’s incredible.

    I LOVED his House of Winslow series. It fascinated me the way he had the whole genealogy mapped out in the front. How he kept it all straight and created all those story lines amazed me. I also really liked the Cheney Duvall MD books. Love that Christian medical fiction!! 🙂

    BTW, I was in Starbucks Saturday evening while my daughter was at youth event and the barista saw my book and commented that she loves to read and is always looking for new authors. “And I love books that make me think.” I said, “Let me tell you about Angela Hunt….” Her response? “I’m going to Barenes & Noble tomorrow!”

  2. Tracy Ruckman

    Angela – it was such a pleasure to meet you Saturday. Your keynote was tremendous, and spoke to me personally on many levels.

    It also lifted an unbeknownst burden from my shoulders that will now hopefully allow my stories to flow unhindered.

    Thank you. You are a blessing in so many ways. And you can sing for me ANY time!!

  3. Kay Day

    Love your haircut!

    A book a month? Wow.

  4. Lisa

    That is a great picture! I have read so many of his books. I believe he’s written a book a month when I go to the library and see the three shelves of his books. It’s hard to see how many of yours they have, because they’re always checked out!

  5. Cheryl Wray

    Hi Angela!

    I was so proud to go to J’ni’s blog and find you linked there.

    It was a pleasure to meet you this past weekend. You were an inspiration!

    (I may have already told you, but my daughter Delaney outlined a book she is working on according to your “skeleton.” You got her fired up!)

    And love the pic of you and Gil. That guy is something else!

  6. Anonymous

    Angela – I came away from the SCWC refreshed, renewed, equipped and ready for my keyboard! :)I could not attend your workshop but enjoyed hearing you during the general session. Thank you for being so transparent, sharing your testimony and the experiences you have had when you let God open the doors for you regarding your writing and books. I loved the story about your first portfolio! Thank you also for the song! Who knew? You truly are a gal of many talents. I found the “plot skeleton” on another link. Thank you. Kudos to SCWC for asking you and Gilbert Morris to be the guest speakers this year. Truly you and Gil gave us a strong message…It is all about Him!
    God bless you and your dear family.
    Susan (I am trying to be a good student – less use of “was” in my sentences from now on!)

  7. Deborah

    yay my two favorite Christian fiction authors ever in the same photo!

  8. Daily Panic

    It was a great pleasure to meet you and hear you speak!
    Best wishes to you!


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