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Earlier this week I found this press release on the web: 

Once again honoring the virtues of character, integrity and inspirational themes in contemporary film and television, the 2008 CAMIE AWARDS made a thrilling, star-studded splash at the beautiful 1,900 seat Wilshire Theatre Beverly Hills on Saturday, May 3.

The audience responded with a unique support and enthusiasm as the CAMIEs not only honored the actors, writers, directors and producers of this year’s ten winning films but also brought back CAMIE AWARD winners from past years as presenters; among the luminaries giving out this year’s awards were Edward Asner and Peter Jason (winners for The Christmas Card who presented the award this year for The Note), as well as Academy Award winner Jon Voight, who made his third appearance at the CAMIEs.

The hosts for the 6th annual event were television personality Leanza Cornett and Entertainment Tonight co-host Mark Steines.

CAMIE AWARDS are presented to entertaining and uplifting theatrical motion pictures and made-for-television films that provided positive role models for building character, overcoming adversity and strengthening families. The CAMIE AWARD winning theatrical films honored were Amazing Grace, Bridge to Terabithia, Miss Potter, Nancy Drew and The Ultimate Gift. The CAMIE recipients in the made-for-television category were Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness (Hallmark Hall of Fame), Love’s Unending Legacy (Hallmark Channel), The Note (Hallmark Channel), Pictures of Hollis Woods (Hallmark Hall of Fame) and Saving Sarah Cain (Believe Pictures).

CAMIE AWARDS Productions will be putting the show up for syndication throughout North America this summer. Viewers are urged to check back at for updates. Following its syndication, CAMIE AWARDS Productions’ parent company Starfish Television Network will also run the show multiple times in its ongoing effort to promote the CAMIE mission.

Speaking of this year’s CAMIE AWARDS, President of CAMIE AWARDS Productions and show co-Executive Producer Joe Lake said, “This could not have been a better year to launch the CAMIEs in Beverly Hills, with so many new participants and longtime attendees enjoying the ceremony at the first class Wilshire Theatre. We are looking forward to having more opportunities to showcase high quality family entertainment in the future.”

* * * * 

Yea!  So glad someone is honoring honorable films. 

Some friends and I were talking about films with a faith element, so I thought I’d compile a list of my favorites.  Some of the following films are distinctly Christian, others are not Christian but contain an undeniable element of faith. 

Last month my book club read a book about a dying woman. The thing that struck several of us the most was that faith was notably ABSENT from the story.  The characters talked about church and how it wasn’t for them, but the death scene was completely hopeless because the character never once thought about eternity or what comes next. 

We found that hard to swallow. In the face of approaching death, wouldn’t even an agnostic wonder . . . what if I’ve been wrong? 

As I move into publishing some stories that are not overtly Christian, I hope they will be like many of the movies on this list: stories that accurately portray the human condition and man’s eternal soul.  Every novel has a message, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  And in understanding that message, you understand the author’s worldview. 

Some of my favorite films that feed the soul: 

The Count of Monte Christo
The End of the Spear
Lars and the Real Girl
Tender Mercies
Amazing Grace
The Nativity Story
Saints and Soldiers
Sweet Land
In the Arms of Angels
Chariots of Fire
Les Miserables
The Wager
Tomorrow (with Robert Duvall)

 That should give you enough to fill up your Netflix queue.  🙂  Enjoy! 



  1. Leslie

    Angela – Which Shadowlands? 🙂 I like the original better than the one with the famous people.

    I haven’t heard of several of these, I will have to check them out.

    And CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve never heard of the CAMIE’s but I am quite thrilled that they exist and its only fitting that your story win one of them!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Woohoo! Another book coming down the pipe! (I can’t believe Barnes & Noble STILL doesn’t have SAWR! Sure glad I found it elsewhere!)

    And a huge congrats on the CAMIE for The Note!! That is so exciting! I love seeing some of the other films that won as well. My kids loved Bridge to Terabithia when they read it and when we watched the movie….although since I hadn’t read it I wasn’t prepared for the ending.

  3. Anonymous

    HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS on the CAMIE award! I, too, had never heard of them, but I’m delighted they exist. And, thank you for the list of movies. I have seen many of them, but others are also unknown to me. Mainstream media has not yet caught on to our tastes. Thank God for you, Angie, in more ways than one. Clyde

  4. Kay

    I got my SAWR at Barnes and Noble, but it was the only copy they had.

    This list is interesting. I haven’t even heard of a lot of them, so I’ll have to look for them.

  5. Melissa

    Have you seen or heard of the movie called “The Ultimate Gift”? Has James Garner in it and wonderful!!! Make sure you have kleenex handy though because it will make you cry.

  6. Kerry Krycho

    Congrats, Angie! It’s nice to see Hollywood waking up to what most of America would want to watch, in my humble opinion.

    Love Les Miserables! And I just bought Lars and watched it with my family. They all think I have a weird sense of humor. 😛


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