By request, this month’s “BOM” will be Flee the Darkness, which I cowrote with Grant Jeffrey.  So stay tuned for the next week to hear all the ins and outs of this book.  

Here’s a brief plot synopsis from  
In his first fiction thriller, prophecy expert and apologist Grant Jeffrey spins a chilling tale surrounding computer genius Daniel Prentice and a secret “millennium code.” The code is used to solve a national bank chain’s Year 2000 computer crisis which ultimately leads to a dangerous entanglement with a one-world government. Co-written with popular novelist Angela Hunt.

Here’s what an Amazon reviewer had to say:  “Only 2 words can describe this book – A triumph of nouns with a graceful multitude of adjectives, verbs, and the occasional splattering of gerunds.” 

(And if that made sense to you,  you’re operating on a higher plane than I am.)  

Here’s a more rational response:, “I, too, have read the LEFT BEHIND series, and thought none other could be so all consuming. But I was transported from the first page and became totally involved with the characters. One night, when I awoke from a dream about the book events,I found that I was praying for the safety of the characters! I would say that WAS involvement. I have watched for additional books. When?” 

So–tomorrow we’ll jump into the topic of how the book came to be! 



  1. Anonymous

    Oh, that’s the book you autographed for me at Charis bookstore – a life time ago it seems. Now I have to get it out and read it all over again. It’ll almost be like reading a new book.
    Patti G.

  2. Deborah

    woo hoo! this is the BOM i’ve been waiting for! are you just going to be talking about the 1st book or all 3?


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