Believe it or not, but as I picked up FLEE THE DARKNESS a minute ago and flipped through the pages, I don’t remember any of the story.  I could read it right now and probably enjoy it as much as any reader–because it’d be a complete surprise!  It’s been a while since I wrote these books. 

The other day I was trying to explain my memory to someone–I simply can’t keep everything inside my head; there’s no room.  When I’m writing a book, I learn a lot of facts about the topic, but when that book is done, that mental file drawer closes so I can open and fill another one.  The one thing I do try to do is remember where I put the information–in books, on the computer, or in a file, so I can access it later if I need to.   
For instance, since the summer of ’06, only two years ago, I have written five complete novels, two autobiographies (with other people) and edited three other novels for re-publication.  Oh, yes, and finished my doctorate. No wonder I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night.  🙂 
But–the one thing I do remember about the writing of the first book is this story:  at one point I sent a draft to Grant.  He contacted me and said (and I’m paraphrasing): “I don’t get it.  We have an available male character. We have a beautiful and intelligent female character. Why can’t they get together right away?”  
LOL!  I had to explain that part of the tension of any novel is that the “romantic” tension must be stretched out along with the overt plot tension.  You can’t have people falling in love too easily–they have to suffer first.  🙂 
Grant laughed and said that he’d defer to me in fiction if I deferred to him in prophetic matters.  I agreed that was fair enough.  
Tomorrow: the editing.  (I do remember a great story about that!) 


  1. Anonymous

    Thank you! Thank you! My husband cannot understand why I don’t remember everything I read. He’ll pick up a book I’ve got and ask what it’s about and I have to say I really don’t remember. He can’t understand why I keep my fiction books – it’s so I can have a “new” one to read all over again in a few months. I tell him my brain is so full of knowledge that as I put more in, something has to fall out. Actually I read fiction purely for the pleasure of reading it. I don’t plan on writing a paper on it or teach it to someone else. By the time I start another I’ve pretty much forgotten about the previous one. I have to save room in my brain for my Bible studies. At my age, I have enough problem retaining what I need. Can’t wait to read these books again. keep up the good work.
    Patti G

  2. Anonymous

    I’m with Patti G – thanks so much for sharing this. I’m going to show this post to my hubby and sons, just to prove that my awful memory is a “writer thang!”

    I enjoy all your writing, and when I saw the cover of Flee the Darkness, I remembered I had read that one before I ever knew who you were! 🙂

  3. Mocha with Linda

    That’s great! Too bad I’m not a writer so I can’t fall back on that excuse for my failing memory!LOL!

    And that’s hilarious about explaining the romantic tension to your fellow author. Glad he had you to help him along!

  4. Carrie K.

    I finished She Always Wore Red last night. While I enjoyed Doesn’t She Look Natural, I devoured #2. I literally could not put it down, and found myself in tears many times. I can relate to so many of the issues you dealt with, and I am glad that you were willing to address them with courage and honesty.

  5. Angela

    Thank you, Carrie. That means more than you can know.

    AP, I *think* the books are still in print–as in print-on-demand. I know Amazon still carries them, but I’m betting they’d be hard to find anywhere else.


  6. Smilingsal

    I agree with Carrie! I’m 3/4 finished with “She Always Wore Red,” and I’m frustrated because I know I will finish it within today or tomorrow, even though I’ve done everything I can to streeetch it out. What a terrific story! So much to ingest! You spoil us readers for any other authors!
    I do understand that the third in the series will be out in a few months. May I suggest you continue with these characters for several more novels?

  7. Angela

    Thanks for the suggestion, Sal. I have had other “funeral” ideas, but I’d have to wait for the Lord to send me another story that’d be right for Fairlawn. In the mean time, I have other projects in the works. 🙂


  8. Sharon

    Will there be a Book 3? Book 1 (Flee the Darkness) and Book 2 (By the Dawn’s Early Light)


    • Angie

      There IS a book three: THE SPEAR OF TYRANNY. It should be available on


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