I’m going to jump ahead a bit and include the next two books in the series as we move forward in the discussion.  The second book, BY DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT, is primarily concerned with the Third Temple, the one that will be rebuilt in Jerusalem.  The third and final book in this series, THE SPEAR OF TYRANNY, is about a real spear, aka “the spear of Romulus.”  

Grant supplied the research about the Temple and the spear, but I still had to do a lot of background research.  I had to brush up on prophecy, for instance, and for the first book I had to do a lot of research on Washington, the military, and the White House. (Some of this research would definitely prove useful later when I returned to the Washington, D.C. setting to write The Justice). 
Fortunately, I research as I write, so it doesn’t take lots of in-depth time.  I research as I go, finding the facts as I need them.  Or I’ll insert a bracket with [find out what this would look like] and keep going on that first draft.  If you stop too many times during first-drafting, the book will never get out of the birth canal and into the light of day!  
I especially enjoyed the research for the second book, By Dawn’s Early Light. I’ve always had a heart for the Jewish people, so it was a pleasure to delve into that culture and consider what the coming Temple will look like . . . and how it will be received.  During this research I learned of an interesting theory about Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Jewish Ethopians . . . very interesting!  
I enjoy research, so that was a fun aspect of these books.  
Tomorrow:  the writing


  1. Leslie

    What was the theory =)

    I had the chance to get these books one time at the used book store – but I think it was books 2 and 3 (no book 1) so passed on them until I could find book 1.

    Now I have to many books on my hands to even think about reading them any time soon, but they look so fascinating!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    I like your research method. I would get side-tracked chasing too many rabbits. Or get bogged down and feel overwhelmed.

    Look at that lovely Christy Award emblem on that book! 🙂


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