I just remembered–I’m supposed to be doing a Book of the month as of tomorrow.  Any suggestions?  I’m blank! 

And a P.S. to today’s earlier post about words.  I heard this wonderful quote once, but I’ve no idea if Confucius really said it:   Confucius advised that if we hoped to repair what was wrong in the world, we had best start with the “rectification of the names.”  The corruption of society begins with the failure to call things by their proper names, he maintained, and its renovation begins with the reattachment of words to real things and precise concepts.

While words are harmless symbols, they carry the power of the things they represent. All words are clothed in connotations quite apart from their literal meaning. That is why abortionists speak of the “fetus” instead of the “baby,” and why “fundamentalist” has come to mean “crazed, bomb-bearing vigilante” instead of “one who believes in the fundamentals of the faith.” 

As you’ve reminded me in your comments below, words ARE powerful–which is another reason to use them carefully. And, whenever necessary, to remind people of the actual meaning of the word. I’m all for reminding people of actual things and precise concepts, but it takes a bit of effort . . . 


  1. Connie

    I can’t remember, have you done the Immortal for your BOM? That was the first book of yours that I’ve ever read, and I loved it.

  2. Angela

    Sigh. Yes, Connie, we did THE IMMORTAL in July 2006. Next? 🙂


  3. Cindy Swanson

    Have you done “The Canopy” yet? That was a great one!

  4. Leslie

    July 2006. I’ve been reading your blog for that long? Wow! I had The Immortal – but it wasn’t until your BOM that I actually sat down and read it. I think its my favorite of all your books.

    Have you done The Debt?

    (I just went to amazon.com – and just about all of the ones there I can remember you having already done a BOM on)

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, do The Canopy. I’m reading it now – not sure how I missed it when it first published. There is so much medical “stuff” and tribal “stuff” – it’s like where did you get the info? Surely you spent day & night in research.
    Patti G.

  6. Angela

    Try again. We did the Canopy in May 2006. :-/

    We did THE DEBT in June 2007.

    Could it be that I have run out of books? True, I did do some series as “books of the month,” which ate up several titles . . .

    Anyone else?

  7. Accidental Poet

    What about the Nikki Holland series? It might be interesting to hear about specific differences/challenges in writing for the YA market.

    (ps, did you get my e-mail this morning?)

  8. Deborah

    have you done the Proposal yet? or the STories from Ancient Egypt series?

  9. Leslie

    1)Unspoken (though I have a vague recollection of you having done that one too)

    2)What about one of your short stories in the Story Collections section? (that way you could spread them out)

    3)How about ideas that fell flat? I remember when you did the BOM for The Immortal talking about how you were originally going to have several Immortal characters (being a HUGE Highlander: the series fan growing up, you know that’s what made me sit down and read the book, LOL)

  10. Pat Layton

    This might be totally unprofessional of me, however, I am not a seasoned enough writer to have all of the rules down. I read your BLOG regularly but have never commented. I am being pretty bold here with my first voice so I hope that you are feeling generous tonight.
    I am a new author, I just released my first Bible Study by Lifeway this January. Since you have not come up with a BOM choice, I have an idea. How about helping a sister out with one that is GOING to be out NEXT Summer :)??!!
    I have a new book due at the end of August called “Are Pantylines a sign of Godliness, Should Christian Women wear Thongs?”. You may remember me telling you about it last February (2007 that is!!) when you spoke at an event for me at A Woman’s Place in Tampa.
    Needless to say, this book has been a JOURNEY!
    I would be so blessed to have your endorsement and the BLOG support of some of your readers.
    I assume that this comment will be reviewed before posting so if I am miles out of line you will have a chance to save me (and yourself)!!
    Blessings to you,


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