I just finished watching PRIDE, a based-on-a-true-story film about a black swim team in 1974. Maybe I liked it because I was the age of those kids in 1974, but it’s a wonderful film about overcoming adversity through perseverance and hard work.  Plus, since we’ve talked a little about racism this month, it’s a startling reminder of the way things used to be. A good movie for parents and older children to watch together.  

Best of all, at the end of the movie they show pictures of the real swim team founder and tell us that he’s still working with swim teams today.  Gotta love that! 


  1. Kay

    I love that movie! I like that it shows the difference between the good kind of pride and the bad kind of pride.
    I just saw the preview for this last night when I watched Bella. It reminded me of how much I liked it. Then you posted on it today. Maybe I should see it again.

  2. Nicole

    Loved this film, too. Hate prejudice–painful to watch, ugly to experience. Unfortunately it still exists in hearts and places all over the world in living colors of all peoples and tribes.

    I guess that’s why this movie is so special and triumphant.

  3. Mocha with Linda

    I’m not familiar with this one. Sounds like one to watch!

    Whew! These crazy days of May are about to wear me out until school is over! I’m counting down to May 30 as much as the kids!

  4. Kay

    We just watched The Great Debaters the other night and it was really good, too. I think you can only get it from Blockbuster.


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