Photo:  my rose bouquet.  🙂 

Today is my 28th wedding anniversary.  And because I’m leaving tomorrow to teach at the Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference, my hubby surprised me with twenty-eight beautiful roses on Monday–so I’d have some time to enjoy them before taking off.  

He went to his favorite florist and told her he wanted twenty-eight roses, one for each year.  She went into the back to pull the flowers together, and when she came out, she was grinning. “You’re never going to believe what the total is,” she said. 
“What?” he asked. 
She smiled again.  “Twenty-eight dollars and twenty-eight cents.” 
LOL!  I love it.  He has also hidden 28 little florist cards with sweet messages all around the house.  I still haven’t found about twenty of them.  🙂 
Tonight we’re going to see The Lion King.  What a great way to mark twenty-eight years. 


  1. Accidental Poet

    Happy Anniversary, Angie!

    We spent our 26th anniversary driving home from Glen Eyrie 🙂

  2. Megan DiMaria

    Happy Anniversary!

    I hope you’re bringing your warm clothes to Estes Park!!

    A prisoner of hope,

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Happy, Happy Anniversary!

    The roses are gorgeous! I especially love the yellow ones, since I carried yellow and white ones in our wedding. And are those lavender? Never seen any like that! Beautiful!

  4. Kay

    Happy Anniversary!

    The flowers are beautiful.
    Praying for a good flight and a wonderful conference!

  5. Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary, Angie! The roses are perfect, and the idea of cards hidden all around is great fun! He sounds like a perfect match for you. Clyde

  6. Carrie K.

    Happy Anniversary! Have fun at Lion King – I’m jealous. 🙂

  7. Pam Meyers

    Happy Anniversary, Angie. Wish I were joining you in Estes Park this year. So many fond memories of the Nangie class in that cozy cottage last year. I hear they have snow this year. Dress warm!

    And I’ll see you in September in Minneapolis! Not exactly the Rockies, but it will be a memorable conference to be sure!

  8. Lisa

    Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 15th last week. Have fun finding all those cards.

  9. Kathy

    Wow! I’m coming up on 20 in July. Maybe I could send my husband a link to this post….

  10. Angela

    I’m happy to report that THE LION KING was amazing! I almost burst into tears at the first song–it was just incredible.



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