Photo: an elk I startled on our way out of Estes Park . . .  (yes, she’s real! Just meandering through downtown . . . ) 

The WIP is now up to 50,000 words–a major miracle, considering that this week I spent way too much time playing the rice/word game and tweaking a computer program.  I LOVE my Libronix electronic Bible study program, and they’ve come out with a new version for Mac.  So I spent most of one afternoon transferring my 1700 electronic books to the mac beta version, only to find that the program is really not ready for prime time–searches crash, nothing prints, and the footnotes don’t automatically append.  It will be wonderful when it’s working, but for now I have to stick with the Windows version. 

My Google alert told me about something kind of fun tonight–the woman who writes this blog asked her readers for their top book recommendations–and she received over 400 responses. From those she compiled a list of top books and top authors, and guess whose name was at the top of the author list?  Tee hee.  I tell you, it’s a good thing to have a name that begins with the first letter of the alphabet.  🙂 
Well, if it’s Saturday, I’m cleaning my house.  The woman who has helped me clean for over fifteen years has retired, so I’m back to cleaning everything myself.  Which makes for a lot of fur, especially in my office.  So excuse me while I go fetch the vacuum . . . 
Have a great weekend! 


  1. jackie

    Good morning
    I have gained a different perspective over the years…less square footage = less cleaning. Most homes tend to be large in the forest. And, the forest is a daily vacation for us. So, we close off the rooms we don’t use and just touch them up when they need it.
    Congrats on the WIP. I have done a bit, but have spent most of my time studying what I learned at the conference.
    Have a great day!

  2. Kay

    That elk does look like a statue with that pose and her color looks so ruddy.
    We have friends who live up there and I so, so love it when we go to visit. Its one of my favorite towns. Did you take time to peruse some of the boutiques? My 9 year old son calls them “Mom’s hippy stores.”

    Congrats on the WIP! Not that it surprises me. My accomplishments pale in comparison, so its a good thing I don’t compare myself to others!!!

  3. Smilingsal

    It would be impossible to not have you on the top of a list of favorite authors; you write well, and unfortunately, not all others do. You tell fascinating stories; some do. You continually surprise the reader with a twist or two, and not many do that. You’re SPECIAL and deserve this honor.

  4. Angela

    (Blush). Thank you for your kindness.


  5. CrownLaidDown

    You are definitely one of my favorites, Angie…I can’t keep your books, I just keep sharing them with friends and family.

    Do you know that we were in Estes Park last weekend? (the 24th) I took some fun pictures of Rocky Mountain National Park–still no bighorn sheep…but some pretty scenery and elk!

  6. Playful Professional

    I’m glad you liked being on my list 🙂 I’ll definitely have to pick up one of your books in the near future.


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