Don’t forget–tonight (Friday) the Hallmark Channel is running “The Note” again at 9 p.m. EST.  Check your local listings if you missed seeing it at Christmas time! 
Where is the time going?  This week has flown by, and next week I’m heading to Estes Park to do a Nangie U session at the CCWC! 

If you doubt the emotional nature of animals, check out this video of dolphins playing with “bubble rings” they create themselves.  Be sure to read the explanation below the video.  So cool! 



  1. Kay

    That dolphin thing is neat! We watched a movie about them at one of those IMAX type places. They are amazing creatures.

    I thought about driving to Estes Park for a general session, but it’s still about 1 1/2 hours. I would have to leave pretty early, or drive home pretty late.

    The guy doing the worship session is the worship guy at the church we have been attending. Very good!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    That is so neat! My daughter will love watching that.

    Too bad you’re finishing up SIABP. Did you see this in the news yesterday? Bizarre!

  3. Angela

    Fascinating, Linda! Actually, I don’t see much difference between dissolving bodies in lye and cremation–both leave bones behind. As for the indignity of being poured “down the drain,” in an embalming, much of the body (all the fluids) go down the drain anyway. It’s routine, but people don’t often talk about it. :-/

    Thanks for that tidbit! Yes, it would have been perfect for Jen to discuss at her mortician’s convention, but for now, I think I’ll just let it pass . . .


  4. Carrie K.

    Hey, I saw a news article about a new trend in mortuary science and thought of you. ~wink~ Something about dissolving bodies in lye – I didn’t read the whole thing.

    I have my copy of Doesn’t She Look Natural sitting right next to me, and plan to spend my Mother’s Day weekend devouring it.

  5. Carrie K.

    Oops – I didn’t mean to double post – and I didn’t see that Linda had already mentioned it!

  6. Anonymous

    Just finished the newspaper and came running to the ‘puter to tell you about the lye. Look at all the postings! Do you not feel honored that so many of us thought of YOU first before contemplating the advantages of lye vs. cremation? Think I’ll still be cremated, since I have big plans for my ashes! I hope you and Nancy have a great time next week! Clyde

    P.S. LOVED the video.

  7. sara

    I am so happy for TiVo!!! I missed it at Xmas and am now going to be gone…..but I will still get to see it!! 🙂


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