I was about to type that this book didn’t require much research, then I remembered:  yes, it did.  I had to study anatomy (because that’s what Jen was studying), plus I had to study pregnancy and a certain complication (because McLane is pregnant). 

Lots of little geographical details also had to be researched, including the catacombs, or the underground bomb shelter in Mt. Dora.  I had heard all about this facility during a visit to MD, but I didn’t know where it was located, so I spent hours pouring over satellite photos and trying to place it in the proper vicinity. 
LOL–last month, when I spoke at a literary luncheon in Mt. Dora, I mentioned the bomb shelter at my lunch table. To my astonishment, everyone at the table knew where it was located . . . and I don’t think it’s where I thought it was.  Oh, well.  Better that it remains underground, and once you read the story, you’ll understand why. 
When you’re writing about a real town and a real trade, you need to try your best to get things right . . . or you’ll hear all about it.  So I do my best.  🙂 
Tomorrow: the writing 
If this is Saturday, I’m speaking in Richmond at lunch and then flying back to Florida! I’m ready to stay home a while.  🙂


  1. Mocha with Linda

    I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!! Last night I popped in a certain Christian bookstore and there on the shelves was ONE copy of SAWR!!! Woohoo!! And to top it off, husband and son are out of town checking on my in-laws, but daughter & I had to stay home due to her all-day choir rehearsal. Guess what I’m doing today while I am HOME ALONE! (I made myself not even open it last night so I wouldn’t stay up all night reading since I had to get up to take her!)

    And too bad that apparently “proper” writing doesn’t use lots of exclamation points. . .this occasion is worthy of a whole line of them!!

    Enjoyed today’s post, as always. I’m sure the locals were happy to give you their expertise.

    I hear a book calling my name. . . .Life is good!

  2. Lisa

    I hope it wasn’t the Christian bookstore I plan on stopping at today! I’m hoping they have a copy for me.

  3. Angela

    Yea! I am SO GLAD that the book is out there and available! So y’all hurry up and read so I won’t be giving anything away in the next couple of days. 🙂

    I had a box of my author copies waiting when I got home from Colorado, so I was able to take some with me to Richmond. Those ladies got hot-off-the-press copies!

    Thanks so much for letting me know SAWR is out there!



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