Unfortunately, SAWR hasn’t been out long enough to gather a lot of results or reader reaction.  There have been a couple of good reviews here and here, but I’m pretty much still waiting for results and reactions to trickle in.  

Meanwhile, I found this on the web yesterday:

According to Hallmark’s executive vice president of programming David Kenin, one of those movies might be a sequel to last December’s hugely successful drama The Note, which starred Genie Francis (of Luke and Laura fame on General Hospital). It helped to make Hallmark the No. 1 cable channel between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The sequel would focus on the deepening relationship between the characters played by Francis and Ted McGinley.

Wouldn’t that be fun?  I’m already thinking of what I’d write . . . if I were asked to write a story for the sequel.  🙂 

Tomorrow:  Your questions and answers.  Anything you want to know, just ask it below! 



  1. Leslie

    I saw last night that The Note will be on Friday night – I bet they’ve been rerunning it like crazy – which is AWESOME!

    I hope that they do a sequel and that they get your input – that would be fantastic!

  2. Anonymous

    I, too, saw that Hallmark would run “The Note” again this week … during their tribute to Mothers week. Good way to get mileage out of the movie – not just for Christmastime.

    Sadly I also saw the acceleration of ads for Gardasil again. They flat out SAY that it is not prevention for all cancer, but through innuendo they make it SOUND like it is. It saddens me that people will fall for the hook therein.

    BUT, back to “The Note” and its possible sequel, I certainly HOPE that you will write the continuing story. No-one could do it better. Keep us posted! And, Happy Mother’s Day to all! Clyde

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Well, I certainly can’t imagine them having anyone else write the sequel! I loved The Note!! I think that’s one of the first ones I read of yours, either that or A Time to Mend. I wish we had cable so I could watch one of the reruns; guess I’ll just have to wait for the DVD to come out.

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen SAWR on the list for the CFBA tour in the next month or two. But I’m planning to write a post about it!

    Question: How do you decide on a title and how much attention in the book that situation gets? It took a while to get to Levina, and it was a pretty subtle thing. One sentence in the midst of preparing her body, and the timing of her death was as Jen was struggling with the racial issues. In some books, like The Note, the title is obviously a theme throughout, and others seem to be something plucked out of the book. Or am I missing something huge here?!

    And was there a particular reason you chose Percy for his “special” role as opposed to Tyler or Toby?

  4. Lisa

    I will definitely have to dvr it so I can watch it this weekend. I can’t find SAWR here. I checked a Family Christian Store and Borders. What’s up with that? I may just have to make a run to Barnes and Noble tonight.

  5. Brittanie

    Please write a book sequel. 🙂
    A Movie sequel would be great too. 😉

  6. Mocha with Linda

    I posted about SAWR tonight. If you get a chance to take a peek, I hope you like what I had to say. It was nothing but truth! 🙂

  7. CrownLaidDown

    When you begin to write something new, how does it feel in your spirit? Are you eager, tormented, passionate, comepletely distracted by it or another feeling?

    Also, what part of writing do you NOT enjoy?


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