Okay–when you have a spare six minutes, sit down, plant your feet firmly on the floor, and watch this video clip.  

Ohmigoodness!  I think you’d have to be a mountain goat to walk that path when it was repaired, but to walk it now?  
I couldn’t do it.  


  1. Deborah

    the only way you’d get me to walk on that thing was if me or my family were at gunpoint! i’d be hugging the wall or crawling! did you the walk on the bar when the whole floor was gone??

  2. Kay

    I feel woozy.

    I was reacting so strongly my husband said, “if it bothers you so much, stop watching it.”
    I told him it made me feel brave.
    It also made me feel sick.

    I got vertigo just going to our friend Megan’s book launch party!!

  3. Anonymous

    So many thoughts ran through my head as I watched this that it is hard to convey them coherently. What a tremendous amount of faith one must have to take this trail. Faith in one’s ability, faith in the integrity of the trail (seeing that first hole would have stopped me), faith in the hand wire that steadies each footstep, but foremost, faith in God seeing me through once I had committed to it. I wonder who built it and when, how many have traveled it,and … why?

    I don’t really feel like breakfast any more. Clyde

  4. Mocha with Linda

    Wow. It felt like my heart was alternating between palpitations and skipped beats watching that!

    Some of it I could handle, but oh my, when the walkway disappeared! Yikes. And to be trying to deal with a camera as well. No thanks!

    Fascinating that they built it way back in 1901-1905. That would have been something to see. No modern equipment there!

  5. Lynette Sowell

    Blah!!! My stomach did a few flip-flops. And I’m NOWHERE near afraid of heights as my hubby is. Guess who I just sent the link to?

    Have fun at the conference! You and Nancy are both great teachers…

  6. Angela

    Oh, no, I couldn’t/didn’t walk that pathway! I don’t know who the intrepid soul was, but it sure wasn’t me!

    But Nancy and I were talking about how it’d be great for a plot in a book. Someone who wanted to . . . well, maybe some plots shouldn’t be discussed publicly. 🙂 People might get the wrong idea.



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