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Here’s the official scoop:  

We had such a great response to our last book giveaway that we’ve decided to make it a regular event! So we are giving away a ten-pound box of autographed Chapter-a-Week books to one Chapter-a-Week member for summer reading fun.

Simply send an email with “Chapter-a-Week Summer Reading Giveaway” in the subject line to and you’ll be entered in the drawing. The deadline for signing up is June 6th and the winner will be announced June 13th. Get your entries in and be sure to tell your friends to sign up for Chapter-a-Week!

 To qualify, the return email address must be on the Chapter-a-Week membership list.  Continental U. S. residents only, please. Industry professionals should refrain from entering, and though we’d love you to share our books with your friends, these books are not for resale.

Thanks and happy reading!

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 As for me, I’ve been busy churning out words for the WIP.  They’re pretty stinky words, and I’m learning how much I don’t know about being a lawyer.  Worst of all, I can’t trust what I see on my favorite crime shows because I know they take liberties on TV . . . and I want to be as accurate as possible in my novel.  So I’m relying a lot on books and lawyer friends.  🙂  

My husband and I went to see PRINCE CASPIAN  this week–and we both cried through most of it.  I’m not sure many other people were crying, but when you understand that Aslan is Jesus, and when you see the way he rules over his creation–well, I started sobbing every time that lion appeared on screen.  Just couldn’t help it.  I think I’m going to be a blubbering mess in heaven for at least the first thousand years.  

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  1. Kay

    My son and I saw it on Sunday. When they first showed Aslan, a little girl behind me said, “Aslan!” with that wonderful, wonder-filled, awe-filled voice. It was so sweet.
    I didn’t blubber, but I did get tears in my eyes several times. Lewis was definitely God’s instrument in writing those books. He did such a wonderful job of showing us the Saviour in a beautiful, truthful way.
    I love Aslan. I love Jesus!

  2. Loretta

    I agree with your comment about Jesus and creation. I don’t think we truly understand just how close God is to His creation and how much He cares for it. I love to write on the topic of creation and God’s love. Please visit my blog for more…this week is God’s present to us in the creation of the rainbow.

    Lewis really was great in his representation of Jesus. Plus the director for the movie does a great job in keeping Aslan’s character as loving and powerful.

    Thanks for the assurance to go see Prince Caspian. We’re there!

  3. Lisa

    I just got home from seeing Prince Caspian with my daughters. I loved it! And we had some great discussion on the way home. My 12 year old was really trying to put all the parallels together. I not much of a crier, but I did tear up a little when they were leaving Narnia.

  4. Christina Berry

    My husband and I took our 7 & 9-year old kids. We’ve read the book, but they had forgotten a lot–and the story does take a few liberties–so they were totally caught up.

    One thing–wondering if you noticed this. At one point Lucy is lounging on the Stone Table. Not sitting, more like relaxing. It felt SO off to me that I was jolted out of my bubble of suspended reality. In another scene she was sitting on it again, but leaning into it as if for comfort, and that fit.

    To me it was the difference between me climbing the cross or clinging to it.

  5. Kristine

    I was so excited for this movie, and when I saw it opening night I was both happy and disappointed. As a movie it was great. As an adaptation of the book, I didn’t like it. Too much was changed. Although much of the changes made sense (especially the timeline at the beginning), some of them were just too much for me. Regardless, it was Narnia and I will be watching it again!
    Kristine, back from her trip to England where she sat in The Rabbit Room at the Eagle and Child Pub, right where Lewis himself once sat!


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