Monday I spent the day getting a proposal and three sample chapters of the WIP ready for my editor (she needs to know what I’m working on, naturally). 

Tuesday I went through gallies of THE FACE, making sure every comma and word was in the proper place.  
Wednesday I’ll go through the revisions on Fairlawn #3. I think I can get the half-dozen or so issues addressed in a day or two. 
Thursday I’ll finish up and begin prepping in detail for our Glen Eyrie writer’s workshop . . . and Friday I’ll finish.  
But Tuesday morning, April 22, I got ready to do my morning treadmill.  Because I always watch a DVD while I’m walking, I grabbed MINORITY REPORT.  Ha!  Less than thirty minutes into the movie, Tom Cruise arrests someone and says, “I’m arresting you today, April 22nd . . .” 
What are the odds?  
That just made my day.  🙂 


  1. Suzanne

    THAT is very funny!

    Can’t wait to read all of your new books!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    That’s bizarre!

    Wow, to zip from one book to the next and keep your wits about you is pretty impressive! I’d get them completely muddled. I realize they are part of you, but still!! Talk about compartmentalization!

  3. Megan DiMaria

    You’re busy, busy, busy. I need to learn how to be as organized as you are, Angie.

    A prisoner of hope,

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t let Tom Cruise know that. He’ll swear it was supernaturally caused by L. Ron Hubbard. As one of Scientology’s biggest or maybe loudest card caring member, Tom Cruise is not one of my favorites.

  5. Lisa

    That was a weird movie. The eye thing was the part that made me cringe. Funny about the date. Do you walk for the whole movie? That’s a long time. I’ve been super lazy lately, but am thinking of taking my girls to the walking trail. I walk, they rollerblade.

  6. Angela

    No, Lisa, I don’t walk for the entire movie. I try to do about 30 minutes; that way I can stretch a movie out for almost a week. 🙂

    Today’s 30 minutes of that film wasn’t good. 25 minutes of it was a chase/fight scene, and they do not enthrall me. I hope tomorrow will have some PLOT to it.



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