Did you see Good Morning America today?  They featured a story on a man who, years ago, was trapped in an elevator for 41 hours.  Sound familiar?  Here’s a link to his story and his video.  The poor man was being filmed on a security camera the entire time. 

And speaking of GMA, this morning Robin Roberts took her wig off.  For good.  I don’t know if you’ve been following the story, but last fall, I think, Robin was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She lost her hair during chemotherapy, but wore a wig during her TV appearances.  Today, however, the wig came off and  Robin is donating it to someone else who will need it.  
Since working on Deanna Farve’s book, I’ve come to have a new appreciation for the courageous women who face this battle.  I think Robin is beautiful, hair or no hair, and I so admire the way she speaks out for her faith.  
I sat at my breakfast table and wept.  But they were happy tears, and I’m so glad she’s come out on the other side of breast cancer without letting it stop her.  
BTW–if you will be joining us at the Glen Eyrie Writer’s Workshop this month, I have an update:  our pajama party movie night is off.  I learned that copyright law does not allow us to show videos without a special license (“for home viewing” means exactly that), so we’ll be doing something else on those nights.  Don’t worry, we’ll still have fun, but I doubt it’ll be fun that calls for pajamas.  
And I even went out and got new ones just for the event . . . 


  1. Kathy

    Remind me to always pack for two days when taking an elevator! Hmmm. Relieving himself down the elevator shaft? And what about those of us who can’t do that????

  2. Deanna

    That Robin is one class act. She is a Mississippi girl and we all love her.

    On the elevator… I just can’t imagine being in that situation.

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Stairs are sounding better and better all the time. . . .

  4. Kay

    aww. I love movie night! Maybe the 4 of you can act it out instead.

    I got new jammies, too.

  5. Anonymous

    I was just going to wear my most comfortable ole granny gown, but I’m still sorry it didn’t work out. Maybe we could still have a Slumber Party? or a Fashion Show of the new sleeper duds? 😉
    See you Sunday! Clyde


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