I’ve been busy at work planning the next book, and I’m trying to write it in Scrivener–a new word processing/research/database program for Macs. So far, so good–it has this really cool feature where you can create “virtual” notecards on a cork board and move them around, plus you can pin up virtual photos of your characters . . . very cool!  If you’d like to try the free trial version, just click here. 

Okay, I hope this next little goodie has nothing to do with driving skills.  Because I’ve tried five times and I can’t park the car!  

How did you do?  


  1. Ruth W

    After about 8 or 9 tries I managed to park that car! LOL

  2. Kay

    Well, I hope we never have to control our cars with a little keypad!

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Can I just say that I am an excellent driver AND parallel parker in real life?! LOL

    This was maddening, especially b/c the I had to push the arrow opposite from the direction the car was going. I eventually did it. Not sure if I’m persistent or stubborn. . .

  4. Lisa

    Oh my, that is addictive! I made it on the third try. Not that I could do it for real:-)


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