As promised, later today we will be holding the drawing for the big bag of Angela Hunt books.  So if you haven’t entered, you still have a little time! 

And happy April first!  Time for another Book of the Month! 

From Romance Reviews Today

A TIME TO MEND – Angela Hunt
Steeple Hill Single Title
ISBN: 0-373-78564-X
March 2006
Inspirational Fiction
Winter Haven, Florida – Present day

Jacquelyn Wilkes became an oncology nurse after living with her mother’s breast cancer and then watching her die after five years of agonizing pain. When a new doctor, Jonah Martin, comes to the Chambers Wyatt Hospital where Jacquelyn works, her calm and ordered world is tipped on its axis. All the patients adore the young doctor, but Jacquelyn despises his decidedly rude and unfeeling attitude toward the nurses on the ward. Dr. Jonah may be drop-dead handsome, but his heart is cold as ice.

Working as a nurse in the cancer unit is a job filled with pain, heartache and elation. Pain and heartache when she watches a patient die, and elation when another patient triumphs over the horrific disease. Jacquelyn questions Dr. Jonah’s methods and bedside manner. But her heart starts to melt just a little when Jonah saves the life of her beloved pet mastiff, Bailey. Soon afterward, she confides to him that she has found a cyst in her breast, but she balks when he urges her to get a physical immediately. Slowly, little by little, Jacquelyn begins trusting Jonah’s medical advice, and their relationship blossoms as she faces her own future with breast cancer.

A TIME TO MEND is an updated and revised reissue of a poignant story about the many struggles faced by women with breast cancer and the men who fight to find a cure. (Previously published as GENTLE TOUCH, Bethany House, 1997.)

Jonah and Jacquelyn’s relationship faces many obstacles as they build trust in each other and fall in love. The secondary characters tell their stories of breast cancer in heartrending ways and often bring tears of sadness as well as laughter to the tale. Both Jacquelyn and Jonah are strong characters, and A TIME TO MEND is an inspirational story of love and God’s healing grace.

Diana Risso
Romance Reviews Today

Tomorrow: how the idea germinated



  1. Deborah

    i’m sorry and please forgive me for being nitpicky, but i think we did A time to mend as a BOM back in march 2006….lol that shows how long i’ve been reading your blog.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    I loved this book. This may have been the one that introduced me to you. (It was either this or The Note.) It caught my eye because of my background as a nurse, and I love medical stuff in my fiction! 🙂

    And since I’m new in the past few months to your blog, I’m thrilled for this to be a BOM!!! Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Angela

    Yes, we did do this one two years ago . . . so I’ll try to freshen it up. Next month, I promise a new one, because that will be SAWR! 🙂

    I can’t believe I’m running out of books for the BOM–that’s what I get for doing some series in a month–I should stretch them out more! But I know we have others we haven’t done yet. I’ll just have to figure out which books they are!


  4. Anonymous

    I love this book!! I first read it in 12th grade when I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to major in for college. I was interested in the medical field…I’m now a nursing student and it has inspired me!! 🙂

  5. Lisa

    It’s funny, I recently had the library send ‘A Time to Mend’ to my branch. I just picked it up, but haven’t started it. The only copy they had was a huge large print edition. I guess won’t be toting it around with me.


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