Publisher’s Weekly is often hard on novels–particularly Christian novels–so it was with great delight that I read the following review of SKID by Rene Gutteridge.  Of course it helps that I know and love Rene, who is a dear woman, very insightful, and a keen writer. 

This book releases in May, but I thought you might want to know about it right away. I’m ordering a copy for my book club and hope they’ll pick it up.  You can order a copy here
Here’s that wonderful PW review: 
“No Christian fiction novelist can tickle a funny bone like Gutteridge, and this installment in the Occupational Hazards series (Scoop; Snitch) doesn’t disappoint and works easily as a stand-alone. Think Snakes on a Plane meets Airplane meets Billy Graham. Hank Hazard, a homeschooled, naive mime in the Hazard Clowns family troupe, has struggled to find his niche since his parents died in a freak hot tub accident. The 28-year-old’s latest job foray is an an airline company spy for Atlantica, where he flies incognito to evaluate the service. Hank gets more than he bargains for on Flight 1945 to Amsterdam, which involves a rampaging pig, a senior flight attendant with hot flashes, some diamond thieves, a 103-year-old woman pronounced dead and an aging female pilot who pastes sticky notes on the windshield. Hank can’t resist evangelizing the passengers, and somehow Gutteridge makes it work without seeming awkward. Gutteridge is a pro, from smooth point of view changes to snappy dialogue. What could have been cliched slapstick turns into unbridled hilarity in her capable hands, and the laughter doesn’t stop until the wheels touch the tarmac.  
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Doesn’t that sound hilarious?  I can’t wait to read it. 


  1. Mocha with Linda

    That does sound good. And I’m as impressed with you that the secular reviewer gave it such a positive spin.

  2. Kathy

    I haven’t read anything of hers. I’ll have to check our church library. I bet the books are there waiting for me to discover them.

  3. Tracy Ruckman

    I love Rene’s books – no one makes me laugh like she does! Tremendous gift!

  4. Kay

    sounds great! Just the description of “homeschooled, naive mime” was enough to get me! LOL

  5. Patsy Clairmont

    Hey Angie…I’ve just skid into your space and I’m delighted to be introduced to what appears to be another great writer like yourself. I look forward to checking her out. Thanks.

    Yes, my Mac Air did receive a lot of admiring glances and a few playful pats. And you’re right I did have a great time.

    By the way I ordered your sessions (yes, all of them) and can hardly wait for them to arrive.

    After hearing you sing on Palm Sunday I know why your mom named you Angela.

    Toodles, Patsy

  6. Lynette Sowell

    That’s definitely out of the box!! I’ve never read her books, but I hear they’re great. And unique. So I just ordered Boo last night. 🙂

  7. Leslie

    I was snorting with laughter just reading the review. I’ll have to add it to my ever growing list of books to read!

  8. Julie Carobini

    I love Rene’s work too! One of my faves is My Life as a Doormat (in three acts). PW is hard to please, so good for her. Skid is on my list!

  9. martha

    I was just about to say she’d have a tough time passing Patsy Clairmont’s humor (LOVE hearing her speaking engagements when on Focus on the Family) when I came across her comment. Cool!


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