4 1/2 stars

This just in from the latest edition of Romantic Times (and the book is not even a romance!) 
“Be prepared to shed a few tears in Hunt’s emotionally gripping tale, the second in the Fairlawn series. With themes of family, friendship and trusting God, the plot is enhanced by realistic and engaging characters. Jennifer’s growth as a character is evident, and the supporting cast enhances the story in a significant way.
“Summary: Jennifer Graham is buried under a heavy load of parenting, college courses and running a mortuary business. Yet when she meets newcomer McLane Larson, a pregnant young woman whose husband is in Iraq, Jen reaches out and finds a new friend. But she also finds a few surprises, and it’s going to take strength and God’s help to get her through the events that follow. “
I’m trying to finish up the final Fairlawn installment this week, so I’m “going under.”  Don’t forget the big “Spring Fling” drawing on April first.  To enter, just send me a note via my “contacts” page before April 1. That’s when I’ll be drawing a name from all the submissions to see who wins the book bag stuffed with books! 
Tomorrow: Another  Book of the Month begins!  



  1. Anonymous

    Romantic Times covers a wide variety of fiction titles . . .thankfully they don’t have to be romances!

  2. Megan DiMaria

    Congratulations, Angie! I look forward to reading it.

    Will the old cover of “Doesn’t She Look Natural” become a collector’s item now that the cover art has changed?

    A prisoner of hope,

  3. Ruth

    I am so looking forward to reading this book!

  4. Mocha with Linda

    Is it out?!?!?! I thought it wasn’t out until May?! Woohoo!

  5. Angela

    It’s “off the press,” and will soon be rolling out on UPS trucks across the country. Might take a couple of weeks before it shows up in stores.

    And Megan, LOL, I’m not sure about that collector’s item status. I hope so, because I have a box of the old covers in my garage!



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