I’m here!  And, LOL, for a few minutes there I thought I was back home.  Take a gander of this truck we snapped on the ride from the airport to the conference center.  Deb Raney had to snap the picture because I was on the other side of the passenger van. 

This “Truck in Flux” (notice the personalized license plate–click on the photo to enlarge) features several live plants, several busts of people, and a bumper sticker that says “I own a dog and I vote.” 
Huh?  I don’t know, but if you want to create your own “art car,” check out this web page. 
It is lovely here at Mt. Hermon–the flowers are blooming, the trees are in bud, and I’m walking around with my camera, as happy as a shutterbug can be.  A little chilly, but I brought my Irish ruanas (a woolen shawl thing), that keeps me warm and sheds water, too. 
Brandilyn Collins is my roommate, and though I was dead tired last night at 11 p.m. (2 a.m. EST), she kept me giggling with her ruminations about whether clouds could get cold and the purpose of two odd-shaped panels in our ceiling.  (Or maybe I was the one ruminating, and she the one giggling.  I’m too tired to remember.) She got up early this morning and went out to run five or six miles while I stumbled into the shower and then went out to check my email.  I’m beginning to think that a person’s true personality is revealed by their actions in the first hour of the day. 
Last week in Ireland, I startled Terri Blackstock, who was my roomie.  We were going to sleep, and I was in that inchoate state between sleep and wakefulness.  I think I was with a roomful of people, and I opened my eyes (really) and saw this white blob with a hole in the center–it looked like a camera.  I said, “Oh!  I guess I’m on candid camera!”  And then as the white blob faded and my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I  said, “Oh! They’re all gone now.” 
At which point Terri began to giggle because I had, of course, spoken out loud.  But by telling this story here, I am nipping any possible blackmail in the bud.  🙂  
Okay–another conference ahead.  Time to prepare my brain and fortify my spirit.  


  1. Doni Brinkman

    Angie I am so jealous! I used to go to Mt. Hermon as a child and loved it. I was in the 8th grade when I last went. My great granfather began taking his children and the tradition continued. I used to love those row boats and the beautiful nature and creek walks. We would usually “ditch” a couple of days (why do Pastor’s always do that LOL?) and go to Santa Cruz and the beach and eat at the Tastee Freeze. I would love to go back with my kids someday. Enjoy!

  2. Anonymous

    I always have dreams that I am swallowing things, like my contact lens, or an entire tooth. I am remain incognito for this comment!

  3. sara

    I laughed out loud at your dream because I “apparently” do that all the time. My husband has some very hilarious stories about me and seeing as he is a pastor, I have had to make it VERY clear that they can not be used for sermon fodder!!!!

  4. ~ Brandilyn Collins

    Dear Dr. Hunt:

    The pod people did not venture out of our room ceiling because they were caught up in the cold clouds.

    This is what I get for rooming with a biblical theologian.

  5. Pam Meyers

    Brandilyn, do you hear the Twilight Zone song about now??? Camera? Maybe you should ask if it spit out pictures??? Doo doo doo do do doo doo.


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