At the risk of boring you to death, here are some more pics from our trip.  Enlarge the photo of what looks like a big rock by clicking on it and you should be able to see a couple of seals.  🙂 

Today we’re off to the aquarium and to haunt the places where Steinbeck wrote.  


  1. Mocha with Linda

    You are NOT boring us to death!! Those pics and the previous post are breathtaking. What an awesome Creator!

  2. Accidental Poet

    Angie, you are in one of my favourite places in this whole big world. When we lived in California, we were just a few hours away from Monterey, and it was one of our favourite weekend destinations.

  3. Kay

    It’s beautiful there! Thanks for the pics, I’ve never been.

    What a glamorous life you live! First Ireland, now this, then in a month you will be in CO twice. Any trips between CA and CO? Or will you go back to the daily grind for a while? I guess teaching is part of the daily grind, but how fun that you get to travel so much to do it!

  4. Anonymous

    You are SO not boring us . . . bring it on!


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